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  • I love the way he explain the things, everything is so clear

  • hello, can someone please help to understand, why we should agree with the theory of constructivism? and what the positive influences of constructivism might be?

  • The best explanation online.

  • his dirty clothes distract

  • Great video

  • I love you! Okay, okay, I'm being a little dramatic but I appreciate this video so much. I was having a hard time trying to wrap my head around this theory and now I have a better sense of it.

  • How is red as a stop light arbitrary? Maybe just a poor example? Isn't it proven that we respond to red differently than other colours?  Sure many things are constructions, but what does this guy think about gender? That's where I really disagree.

  • that was awesome. Thank You.

  • this guy said the matrix was bad… not cool bro

  • I love the Intro and Ending

    "So in the Matrix….

    "….you kinda have to let your brain explode a little bit"


  • This is probably the second most convincing, after Neoliberalism.

  • there is one reason we believe we exist…perspective is nothing other than the realization we are in and self aware…this being said my perspective is mine alone. This self awareness allows us to criticize one another and hold each other to a higher standard..and still show forgiveness and relative understanding of another's perspective.I have great hopes that humanity will figure out that perspective is relative not the theory of relativity.Social science is no science at all.Best wishes

  • Except the people of the USSR voted to continue the USSR. The USSR was only seen as not a thing anymore after it was overthrown, not before. This is a terrible explanation of constructivism. It's not arbitrary.

  • Thank you!! You just made studying so much easier for me!

  • Ramzan Kadyrov, is that you?

  • Thank you
    This helped me a lot.

  • I wonder how Robespierre got his moral and ethical justification for the Reign of Terror.


    Social Learning Theory,


    Is heroine more important than food?

    The Mice experiment with the pleasure plates would sure say that if all humans tried heroine the majority would probably say yes.

    If you could rebuttal these three arguments I’m going to join this school of thought.

  • What did we learn from this video ? How to oversimplify the world and fool ourselves into thinking we understand it.

  • That is why life is so bizarre

  • Very clear explanation. Thank you…

  • The background ambient music and the close-up on his face triggers slight aggressions. Despite that helpful content!

  • Thank you so much for posting this! My lecturer made zero sense but after watching this video for one minute I already understand it completely!

  • I find this more realistic… lol

  • I think things aren't as random as he alludes to. For example, I think there is a good reason stop lights/signs are red as opposed to some other color despite what he said.

  • "Make your brain Explode"- Scanners reference

  • There wasn't a single bad Matrix film, you goof.

  • That is too far from truth though that the USSR collapsed because everybody decided so. In fact there was a referendum where 70 percent voted for keeping it but part of the elites decided at a certain moment.

  • yeah but why did they decide that it was time to stop? The economic downfall? So the structure still influences the agent

  • Best explained!

  • constructivism is the IR version of noodling incessantly on a guitar for the sake of noodling incessantly on a guitar. cool, you can do it. now what?

  • I’m still confused 😭

  • anybody know any arguments against constructivism in international relations?

  • This is a great video! It really made me understand what's up with constructivism

  • pls take my IR midterm exam for me tomorrow i am begging u

  • What a naive and childish example that of the ussr. Obviously the sovietblock didnt fall just bc everyone woke up tired of it one morning. Actuallyaround that time the duma carried a referendum to see if ppl wanted to keep the ussr and 70% of population agreed, and it disappeared however.
    Noteto that guy: GDR was not part of the ussr. If youre gonna use the example of the wall to simplify stuff to an absurd extent, at least read the first two lines of wikipedia.

  • thank you so much!! This helped me alot! 🙂

  • I don't disagree with or challenge any of Gallemore's claims here but "top IR theorists"? That's a mighty stretch considering his areas of research/interests and publications are predominantly based around Global Land Use and Land Cover Change. Nice try Soomo, but I'm not quite convinced on that one.
    And FYI if you're looking for "top IR theorists" I'd recommend names like Mearsheimer, Katzenstein, Wendt, Keohane and Deudney & Ikenberry to name a few.
    On ya mark, get set…. google!

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