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  • Merry Christmas Hoss Tools! First comment BTW. LOL

  • Travis when the Rutabagas get to the size of a Softball, getter dug. They are sweeter and have the best texture then. You guys said, it's got to be Duke's, no other will do. Y'all take care.

  • Merry Christmas guys!

  • I had a bumper crop of Seminole pumpkins this year

  • 2:49–2:54 – crunch of the day

  • Merry Christmas guy's. Travis to get those leeks to grow with more white eatable stalk. Put a cardboard tube, like the tube paper towels are wrapped upon, down around the leek. This will keep the sunlight off the lower portion of the stalk. Know is he perfect time to find a use for those gift wrapping paper rolls when the paper is all gone. Just cut them to the length you want. Take care

  • MERRY Christmas fellars✌

  • I love my blue stem they may not do as good as some but I just like them

  • Great video thanks for sharing Merry Christmas

  • Well how I have an issue… could be mine… I've been cropping and eating my Collards, and giving them away, and man they have been pretty good… never eaten any before, but everyone seems to like them… but then something unexpected happened… my "Collards" started putting on Broccoli heads… clearly I need to use my sharpie a little more. 🙂 The question I have is… do I need to stop cropping the leaves or will the Broccoli produce just as well if I just keep borrowing a few leaves now and again, because they eat just fine in my opinion.

  • If you have a KitchenAid mixer, you can get those slicers as an attachment. I have a set and a mixer I've used over thirty years.

  • The godzilla broccoli what kind of growing conditions it grow in in terms of temperature?

  • Happy happy!

  • I put a cover crop of mustard this year ,now when you say cut and within 15 min work into soil cut with ? lawn mower, weed eater or by hand please elaborate and after worked in do I cover with tarp?

  • Is

    Are the tiger collards heirloom or hybrid?

  • Love rutabagas! We eat them mashed with butter like potatoes and we use them in soups. The slight sweetness disappears in the soup, but provides a bit of “body” without adding a lot of starch. I wouldn’t let them get any bigger than the one you showed us. They can get woody, especially if the growth slows down too much. Also you can eat the green part of leeks if they have grown quickly. Just wash them well, julienne and sauté in butter until tender. Yum! As always thanks for all the inspiration! You guys are awesome!

  • I never ate a rutabaga and I can not smell it. What is it suppose to smell like. How do you fix them.

  • awesome show guys,, always look forward to the show,,,,, just one problem,, love the xmas hats,,, but…. this weeks show should have been called,,,, *The Row By Row "HO HO HO" Garden Show.
    ya missed the boat guys,,,, LOL,,, keep up the great work.

  • Merry Christmas to you guys! May God Bless y’all in 2020!

  • Merry Christmas hoss family

  • Lady finger peas, will yall be carrying them? They have been hard to get in the past few years.

  • When rutabaga gets too big, they are kinda woody tasting. Size you have is the perfect.

  • Merry Christmas!!!☃️ I will definitely be ordering some of yalls sends😊 great video, thank you guys. Luvs, Sherri from Alabama 😊🌻

  • Merry Christmas.

  • My favorite Thursday night "TV" show.

  • Do y’all have a planting schedule for Zone 8 a and b?

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New

  • May God, our Father in Heaven, bless you gentlemen!

  • Merry Christmas guys! Love ya!

  • I think I'll get rid of the Salt and pepper substitute cavender's

  • Merry Christmas to you two also and your families. I always enjoy your videos.

  • One of the things I really love about y'all is that you don't pretend to know it all. You point out your mistakes. I've been doing this long enough to realize just how little I really know about gardening. It's refreshing to hear folks talk about things they did wrong and how to try and fix it next time.

    While I'm at it, I've got a request for a future show: I'd like to see, in one video, a comparison giving the pros and cons of each of the different kinds of wheel hoe attachments. I think I've got all of them except for the disc harrow, and while it's kind of fun experimenting with the different types to see what works best for different soil conditions and different weed types and sizes, I want to see what you recommend for different situations. (Maybe you've already done one and I haven't found it yet – if so, maybe you could point me to it).

    As always, thanks for a great product and great service. No garden shed is complete without a Hoss wheel hoe (I've got the double wheel and the high arch) with attachments.

  • Do you fertilize the leeks with ammonium sulfate like you do onions or maintain a spoon feeding cycle? I’m an expert at growing 2-3” onions, but I’m thinking the visual difference I’ve already noticed in onion crop with the addition of the ammonium sulfate is going to be my breakthrough into softball sized onions. Thanks again for the great content and regular content!

  • Good to see y'all have a lot of new varietie off seeds

  • Hey guys, from Hephzibah, Ga and good show! I think Comfort Farms in Millidgeville, GA grows the Georgia Candy Roaster but I’m not sure if they sale/distribute the seed. They may be able to point you in the right direction!
    QUESTION: I’m just finishing up my raised beds on my new property. I have some cool weather veggies growing pretty well. What’s the best practice for an accurate soil sample before I plant in my spring garden for 2020?

  • Another great show, guys! I'm looking forward to growing those new Roma-type tomatoes – Y'all know I can a lot of tomato sauce, and these just might be a game-changer! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Great talk about vegetable 🍅 show , thanks for sharing to us such an amazing informative and educational.

  • We grew a Roma tomato, this last season, and the outside was perfect while the inside was partly black. What was going on ? Some of our Amish Paste did the same. Our other tomatoes didn't have that problem.

  • Love your show , just found you watching Deep South Homestead . What would be the earliest time to plant taters in the sand hills of N.C. We're 60 miles from the coast , and we some time have a late frost. Have a Blessed Holiday Season.

  • I’ve heard that tilling destroys the soil structure hence the beauty of no till. I’m trying it this winter for the first time. I’m also not using any broad spectrum herbicide prior to planting, just crating a fine surface tilth. We’ll see.

  • Great video guys! Merry Christmas and a happy New Years. It’s summer here and I went to see my brassicas after 7 days away. I nearly wept when I checked the collards. They’re such a beautiful, velvety looking plant. I’m SO pleased with them. Thanks for all your work this year. Looking forward to a prosperous 2020.

  • I had a bed of about 15 tomatoes that were exposed to a late frost. They were all killed, but one. I’m carefully growing it on and will save it’s seed. Have I stumbled on the world’s first frost tolerant tomato…?

  • Merry Christmas to you guys and your families! I've been going back and forth between the cherokee tan and the seminole pumpkin. Could you go through any disease and pest resistance they both have?

  • Thanks guys. Thank you for the book on bugs, I really appreciate it. Would you please consider making Hubbard squash available on your site for us?

  • Them Red snapper determinate?

  • Cheer up Greg!! Merry Christmas!!

  • What do the gases from mustard do in the soil when incorporated ?

  • With the winter peas do they get peas on them and can you eat them or feed them to livestock?

  • Merry Christmas and thank you for all the good info! My Hoss greens are doing well in mid-December zone 8A. Harvesting plenty of various leaves. Planning what to put in Hoss seed starter trays in about a month for spring/early summer crops.

    Surprise success is not a food crop, but Hollyhocks (for bee attraction next year) planted from seed in October. Growing nicely through the couple of frosts we've had. About 6-8 inches wide and tall, leaves starting to get sizeable. They take 2 years to flower, so I hope fall planting and winter root development will count so we will see flowers this year. Happy New Year too!

  • I love the wheel hoe y'all sell, it is a BIG! Dream of mine to get one but its gonna be atleast 2 years before I can buy one. Got to keep putting money in the saving envelope marked for it. I'm disabled and have a limited income but I will get one someday.

  • I remember my dad growing the sugar baby watermelon in the 70 and 80's

  • When you guys offer a leaf footed or a stink bug resistant tomato then you will have my attention and you will probably be rich.

  • Gregg that was a good description that only the white part of a leek is useful to eat. Travis that Pak Choy looks like a model. Some of my Radish have bulbed up nicely bc I planted them early enough. I planted them at the end of August. I got some of your Tiger Collards. I will be interested to know how the work out. Pumpkins are a lot of fun to grow. Warning deer eat them! I have a pumpkin still on the vine turning orange these days. My pumpkins volunteer but I am trying a different type this year. At first while watching the Urban Gardener I thought I would be a market gardener but my reality set in and I just garden for myself now. The worms aerate my soil with all the coffee grounds I use. They take the grounds down under and as a result they "till" my soil. Now, winter, is the perfect time to collect Starbucks coffee grounds bc they are free nitrogen and there is NO competition for them in the winter:-) My Sunflowers grow really tall as a result of my high soil nitrogen. My nbr got so evil that she knocked my tallest Sunflower over, smh. The true life of a gardener:-) Deer eat the ENTIRE tomato plant up here in PA. They REALLY like tomatoes. Josh Sattin is not growing tomatoes in 2020 for his market garden. Tomatoes are tropical plants BUT homegrown does taste divine. If you are going to grow tomatoes in PA and I will grow some you WILL HAVE TO grow them behind a fence. Imho Pole Beans are THE way to grow. I planted some Bush Beans and never found the interest in bending over and picking them. Hint: next year consider wearing a red or green sweatshirt or coat so your Christmas outfit can be much more cheery. I am still loving your sound and advice and the Row by Row round sign. Yes, I "try to" keep my seeds in a plastic bin in our unheated basement. Those broccoli heads would be delicious batter fried:-) Steamed broccoli is the healthy way to go. Tip: Root Riot sponges on Amazon are light weight and good to plant into.

  • Happy Holidays yall!!!

  • ABSOLUTELY DUKE'S MAYO!! No others enter my home!!

  • I got my English peas planted in November and I already got peas on my plants, I saved the seeds from the year before and they are lookin good. Better than last year

  • Can I buy a package of seeds and grow one or two and save the rest of the seeds for later years growing seasons? The wife only want two tomato plants but I want to take your seeds and keep the rest of your seeds and grow them over years.

  • LOL! On the Dukes Mayo. Is there any other kind? Merry Christmas! Good show, as always!

  • Greg mentioned beets cooked in chicken broth. How do you cook it? Just boil it? I'd love more info. I have a bunch of gold beets in my garden right now.

  • Merry Christmas to y’all God bless

  • when do you plant pumpkins in south Georgia?

  • Merry Christmas from Germany 🇩🇪

  • I'm up here in Chicago, but I'm going to try the resistant varieties anyways, we get pest and disease predsure based on the weather up here, if it t don't work, I learned smething, but Oh Lord if it does:WATCH OUT!This was very interesting I learned a lot from Real Farmers, not fancy pants' market growers, so thank you! I am absorbing as i begin my journey to homesteading and selling local up here especially in the winter, no good fresh growers up here really, so thank you!

  • The grater is like the old "Salad Master"

  • I would VERY interested in purchasing some seeds from you if you sell them. Please send me an address and or let me know what you might have available…PLEASE. I live in Louisiana and my growing season is long like yours. Thank you in advance,

  • The King Kutter was also called a Salad Master at one point. I got my mom's and two sets of blades.

  • I am in zone 7 in Greenville South Carolina and am curious if I could grow a pomegranate here. If so, what variety would you recommend for my zone?

  • You got that right!!! It’s got to be DUKES MAYONNAISE 🎄🌟

  • Were the new tomatoe seeds created in a lab?

  • Santa came through! Just put my 20-20-20 on my Texas Legends today. Planted about 3 weeks ago with some time released "just what I had fertilizer", have I waited too late?

  • Merry Christmas to Travis, Greg and your families. Thank you for all the wonderful educational videos throughout the past years and looking forward to the new ones.

  • Regarding Collards…We really like Tiger, and hate to hear it's being phased out. But have you tried Flash? They are faster, tender, and no bitterness. I recommend y'all try these if you haven't. It's worth seeking out.

  • Yep, ya'll are from south Georgia with that Duke's mayo, it would be Blue Plate if you were from north Georgia! 😉 Don't let them rutabagas get much bigger than that, they will start to get bitter and woody.

  • What crops do you recommend starting now in your zone? 8b

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