This is why some photographers can charge $1000 (or more) per hour.

Hello, I decided to film outside Hi, hey, what’s up? It’s Derek halpern in this video. I want to walk you through The difference between a freelancer that can charge $50 an hour $100 an hour or thousands of Dollars an hour Hey, what’s up, Sara? Cal focus on building your audience. Those are good products are just doing everything I’ve come to find that everyone wants to get paid more for their products and their services oh But here’s the deal if you want to make more money and get paid more by the hour or more by the Project you want to be worth more to your client? You need to bring something else to the table That is more than just your craft Let me explain so it’s having the conversation with my videographer actually the guy who is filming this right now bring the camera So it’s how great. My life is make this admin I was talking about what’s the difference between a videographer that makes 50 bucks an hour 100 bucks an hour? thousands of Dollars now or get paid $25,000 for a project and I told it’s very simple many people Who are offering a service like video or photos or web design or whatever they? They only bring their craft to the table so for example You could be the best videographer in the world But if I’m making all the content and all you’re doing is picking up a camera Pointing it at me and filming me on a backdrop that Isn’t really worth that much money? I’m really good at coming up with scripts and ideas and teaching people concepts kind of like I’m doing right now But where I struggle is coming up with Demonstrating this in the real world, how do I? Show the message versus just tell you a story about that message, and I totally if you want to be a videographer That’s worth more to me if you can come up with these visual demonstrations if you can find a location where you can film me Talking or negotiating with someone in real life you can do that orders work Now you go from being someone that I’m going to pay just fifty dollars an hour to someone I’m willing to pay a lot more money to but then there’s that third level the level where you’re starting to get $25,000 a shoe I have a web design that I spent $25,000 on and a lot of amateur web designers will always tell me oh, I can’t believe you spent $25,000 on that web design would a waste of money like well, what that guy did for me? And I was telling us the reality was that he brought vision to the table. He brought a whole visual brand to the table He helped me understand the message I was trying to communicate, and he matched it with the perfect visuals for my website So I was telling the video guys you want to be the guy that can get twenty five Thousand dollars a project you need to come with the vision of what? They’re trying to present to the world And I said let me give you an example There’s three types of content there could be where I come with the content you Shoot it boring there could be I come with the content you Shoot it and you think of an interesting way to tell it, okay That’s a little bit more interesting then it’d be the third type of content where you’re actually coming up with these video Ideas and you’re coming up with a story you’re coming up with a message And then all I’m doing is being the talent If you can create and do the work for me So all I have to do is show up and talk to the camera see the cuts in the frame are is that possible? Okay, but cut it cut out of my head no. I can’t sleep oh Don’t do that Now you’re delivering something that’s inherently more valuable. I mean even some of the scripts that we write at social figures I have a team that I pay you know we have researchers We have people who help me edit scripts and stuff like that the concepts expensive to create, but if I have a video guy That’s coming up with the story to tell and then we’re filming those stories, and those stories are going viral wow You’re willing to pay that person anything Because they’re able to do more than just pick up a camera and shoot the camera They’re telling a story they’re helping you get your message out into the world. They’re not just shooting They’re actually helping you grow And that’s the secret to Charging more for your products and services a lot of people like to get stressed out that they’re getting Offered less than their work, and I get it it stresses me out when that happens, too But if you want to be the type of person that commands those premium prices you need to do more than just your basic Craft you have to bring vision to the table you do that right? You’ll never go hungry you

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  • Good points. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Shooting outside was a good idea, you are getting better at this ! Just be more natural ๐Ÿ™‚

  • good points Sir. thanks a lot.

  • As a client, I can confirm everything Derek said. As a professional, I can confirm everything Derek said.

    Excellent video! Shared with my community.

  • This is the best advice for photographers I've heard

  • Greater value , greater reward. One thing that's hard for creatives is being able to express their value and being able to negotiate to be compensated fairly.

  • great thoughts and very helpful for me going forward

  • This advice is a big deal. I do web design and I used to build websites then move on to the next client. I did not make as much $$$ as I wanted. I finally realized clients don't want a website, they want a website that gets traffic so they can convert the traffic to take action toward their business goals. I then started focusing on providing digital strategy in addition to building a website and I was finally able to charge more without complaint.

  • Right On, DH! Appreciated the direct simplicity of the message and its transmission to my noodle!

  • I've been following you for years. And I see that you are now on the next level. you really amped it up. this is the most inspirational video yet. I appreciate your help Derek. I personally I think black is your best color.

  • Very true. Great advice.

  • As I understand what you said, the ability to charge higher prices is offering a VISION for something bigger than just delivery of the service itself. I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nice job, Derek. Inspiring and it reminds me what I need to do to get off my arse and make more money with music, creating a show that rocks people's faces off! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Pretty sure this is EXACTLY what I was looking for when it comes for my video marketing company. If you got any other videos that speak to this, I would love the links. Fantastic content per usual.

  • Pls do a time management or organizational video! How do you start your mornings Derek? Thanks buddy.

  • Big deal for creatives people who usually craft their thing, thanks Derek.

  • Hi Derek. Just a question that came immediately to my head when I saw this video: if I was a freelancer who had a vision for how to tell a great message for my client, then why would I want to be working on this project as a freelancer in the first place?
    Instead, I would want to make that vision come true myself and publish the content on my own. Isn't that what the distinction beteeen a freelancer and an entrepreneurial creative is in the first place?

  • Great video I have no idea how you donโ€™t have 1M subs since you put out a lot of good content that doesnโ€™t beat around the bush. I was wondering if you could give examples about this in s form of a product? Or can this be found at social Thank you keep it up

  • Great advice Derek!! I agree 100%!!

  • I love your content Derek, I think people underestimate how valuable this stuff really is…

  • Show us the receipts for 25g & I'll believe you

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