This Video Was Filmed On The Google Pixel

NAT: Earlier this month, Google
announced Pixel, its new phone. A lot of you know this
because a lot of you asked us if we could
make a video about it. We don’t like to disappoint,
so we asked around and got two phones for a day
to do whatever we wanted to do. LO: And because we
like making videos, we were curious to try
out the camera and film as much as we possibly could. NAT: Lo doesn’t even know
what’s going to happen. Everything you’re about to
see was filmed straight out
of Google’s Pixel phones. So some of the features
you might care about. First of all, you
can film in 4K video. And for the front-facing
camera, you can film in 1080. Which is great for selfies. Even ridiculously
stupid selfies. LO: There’s also a trick
that if you twist your wrist, it flips from the back
camera to the front camera. NAT: The camera has image
stabilization built right in. So you can really see
the difference here when we turned it off
versus when we left it on. LO: We heard from folks at
work that the camera does well in low light situations. So we took that
as an opportunity to take these photos. No, the camera doesn’t
take 3-D videos, but it does have this
cool feature where it uses machine learning
and other smarts to create depth of field and blur
out the background. NAT: You can also
capture panoramas, and our personal favorite,
take slow-mo videos. You know, in case
you want to flip your hair in slow-mo,
or chase pigeons, or leap, or see your friend
slowly get covered in confetti. And every photo and
video that you take is backed up, in original
quality, on Google Photos. Which is pretty
awesome, because we took over 1,000 photos and videos. Overall, I think the
phone did a good job. Captured some memories for us. LO: And luckily nobody
fell or hurt themselves. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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