Top 10 Scariest Mall Santa’s Of All Time

Warning, I’m about to show you a series
of pictures that aren’t for the faint of heart. These pictures have the power to induce some
pretty scary nightmares, so if you’re not okay with being scared…I would turn back
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for you. Alright, let’s get into it, this is the
top 10 scariest pictures ever taken. Mother centipede protecting her young creeps
us out in at number 10. What the heck are we looking at!? This is definitely NOT ok. I think I’m losing some of my precious eyesight. But seriously, what kind of demon monster
is this and what is he doing on Earth? He looks like he belongs in some weird, sci-fi
movie from the 80s. This mama centipede shouldn’t be allowed
to exist. And how many babies is she protecting? It looks like there could be hundreds of these
creepy crawlers and to tell you the truth, I don’t think my heart can handle this picture
so let’s move on. Creepy ghost interrupting dinner brings us
to number 9. Let me set the scene for this next picture. A family just finished eating a lovely dinner
and they thought it would be a good idea to capture this moment with a picture. But little did they know that there was someone
else crashing their dinner party. A spooky figure can be seen hanging upside
down from the ceiling and I don’t know about you guys but if I saw this unwanted visitor
in one of my pictures, you best believe that I’m going to hammer in a for sale sign on
the front lawn and I would get the heck out of there. I wouldn’t even need to pack a bag. Scary Santa makes his creepy appearance in
at number 8. He knows when you’ve been sleeping, he knows
when you’re awake…but has he ever heard of a mirror. No seriously, Santa…what the heck happened
to you? Please don’t bother sneaking down my chimney
and bringing me gifts, because I’d rather you didn’t. Who the heck did you piss off at the North
Pole? As a future dad, If I went to the mall and
saw this raggedy, creepy looking Santa, I would literally take my child and run back
to the car. I wouldn’t want them to be scarred for life. A tragic zoo accident takes us into number
7.. In 2014 this poor man found himself in a very
bad situation. Take a look for yourself. What you’re seeing is a picture that was
literally taken seconds before this man was mauled to death by a white tiger. Somehow he managed to fall into its enclosure
at a zoo over in Delhi. Police said that the 22 year old was drunk
at the time and he jumped over the fence and into the enclosure, despite warnings from
the guards. Why was this guy drunk at a zoo? This doesn’t sound like my idea of a good
time and unfortunately for him, it definitely wasn’t. Climbing up this list in at number 6 we have
a possessed woman. Do you guys remember those redbox rental machines? Well I don’t because I’m from Canada but
apparently you guys were able to go to one of these kiosks and rent DVDs or video games. Sounds cool right? Well this picture is about to change everything. Is this real life right now? Is the redbox performing an exorcism on this
girl. No one’s neck should be able to bend like
this. I’m not even entirely sure if she survived
and I guess her rental was probably late. But in all seriousness, is this the reason
why red boxes were removed? I’m thinking yes. And now in at number 5 we have another picture
that was captured moments before death. During a routine scheduled maintenance, two
people found themselves stranded 80 meters above the ground on top of a wind turbine. A short circuit caused the turbine to catch
on fire and the only escape route was engulfed in flames. The two mechanics had no other choice but
to wait for the inevitable. They knew what their fate was going to be
and they knew that it would only be a matter of minutes before they died. This is so morbid and I couldn’t imagine
what I would be feeling if I was trapped up there. I would probably never stop fighting for my
life but then again, there was literally nothing that they could’ve done to save themselves. The creepiest family to have ever existed
breaks onto our list in at number 4. I don’t even think you guys are ready for
this next picture. So let’s count down together…3-2-1 BAM. Whoa! Where the heck did this family come from? I thought my yearbook picture was scary but
this family portrait definitely beats it. Who do you guys think is the creepiest. I’m gonna have to go with the dad. It looks like he is super disappointed in
me and it looks like he wants to give me a whopping. Then we have the mom. She looks like a gangster who is protecting
her hood. So I think I’ll just back away now. But we can’t forget about that poor kid. She can see what her future looks like, and
I think it’s safe to say that it’s looking pretty bleak for her. Up next in at number 3 we have a demon in
the hospital. And no I’m not talking about that nurse
who just can’t seem to find your vein on the first try. I’m talking about this scary looking thing
on top of a patient. This picture was captured from a surveillance
camera and it shows a dark, crouched figure standing on top of a patient’s body who
was lying in bed. The figure can be seen walking up and down
the patient’s body hours before he died. Some people say that hospitals are like breeding
grounds for demons who gather there to wait for the next soul to die so that they can
drag them to hell. Someone is watching you and this takes us
to number 2. Ummm….don’t look now, but you might have
someone or something behind you…watching your every move. This was the case for a mother and son who
were out in the yard just having some fun. When they went to get their pictures developed,
they noticed that they weren’t alone…are you guys able to make out that creepy face
in the door? I think it’s safe to say that her house
is definitely haunted and I wouldn’t be rushing to go back inside. I’d probably just abandon my house, call
it a loss and move on with my life. Topping this list in at number 1 we have the
creepiest mask you’ve ever seen. During the 1960’s a man named Edward Paisnel
would put on this rubber mask, break into homes and torture women and children. This was the only piece of evidence that the
police had until the murderer was finally caught with his mask during a routine traffic
stop in 1971. So just how creepy was this mask? Well take a look for yourself. Yep, we all have no chances of sleeping peacefully
tonight. This guy looks like another version of the
Texas Chainsaw Massacre killer. If you guys want to have the scariest costume
next year, I think you all know what needs to happen. You need to get your hands on this mask but
you might not have anymore friends once Halloween is over. Well there you guys have it…

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