Top 20 best camera phones – guide & prices

– There are more than
300 phones on the market. Here are the top 20 best
when it comes to camera. (ticking) The best camera phones
delivers amazing image and video quality but also
the cheaper mid-end phones from time to time surprises
us with nice looking images and videos in difficult light
settings and situations. A great camera must perform well on colors, sharpness,
exposure, noise, flash, bouquet, wide angle,
stabilization and so on. In my opinion the top
three best camera phones deliver so high quality on image and video that they are worth
paying extra money for. But in general, all the
other phones deliver quality that is almost similar,
but the price is not. There are huge differences
when it comes to price level. The cheapest phones on the
list more or less deliver the same quality on the camera
as the most expensive ones. Enough talk, here is The Top
20 Best Camera Phones List by me, Stein Jurgen. (chilled music) The camera on a phone is
important not just for me but for most people. And I’m willing to pay extra money for the top three best phones on the list to get the best image and video quality. If you for some reason don’t want one of those phones, you shouldn’t just buy the first and most expensive
phone on the market. Sure, it will have a great camera but many much cheaper phones
will also have a camera that could match the quality. Did you like this video then
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