Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera Trainspotting Brian Garcia and 3 friends were exploring
the train tracks in Chatsworth Park, just north of Los Angeles. Garcia films with his Gopro as they come to
a tunnel and decide to walk through the dark passage to the other side. When Brian Garcia uploaded his scary GoPro
video to Youtube, it got a harsh response from many viewers who felt that entering the
train tunnel was a pretty stupid decision to begin with. The video received over 570 thumbs down and
scathing comments like “I can’t be the only person who was rooting for the train…” Level 3 Helmet Gopro cameras are not just used for all fun
and games. Militaries around the world now use the compact
cameras to monitor training missions, and even to document dangerous real military operations. Sometimes the Gopros catch some pretty scary
footage. Thanks to his Kevlar helmet, this Marine doesn’t
even get a scratch from the sniper’s bullet. Tunnel of Terror Youtuber Streetzips decided to explore a winding
rain sewer with a Gopro camera mounted to his forehead. Now perhaps the most frightening part of this
footage is that Streetzips is exploring the dark abandoned tunnel all alone. The footage looks like something right out
of an intense first person horror game, and not long into the video, life seems to imitate
horror. He climbs a ladder in the tunnel and finds
a strange abandoned backpack in a wall recess. As he explores further, he begins to hear strange
sounds and arms himself with a large stick. In the distance, he hears the sound of metal
being dragged along concrete. As his flashlight battery begins to drain,
he becomes a bit panicked and starts to run. In one clip, Streetzips claims that he saw
something large move in the shadows and dashes toward the tunnel exit. Meals on Wheels Du�an Vin��k was riding with a friend
on a bike park trail in Slovakia. The Gopro mounted to his helmet catches some
amazing nature shots along the trail. But then they find themselves getting a little
too close to nature in this scary encounter caught on camera. The Gopro footage was so scary that some Youtube
commenters questioned if it was real, so Vinzik uploaded a longer uncut version, proving that
the video was 100% authentic. It’s unsure why the two bikers chose to stop
their bikes while still VERY near the bear’s location. But it may be because the bear actually seems
to be moving to cut the riders off further up the circling trail. We Are Not Alone Now what I personally find disturbing about
Urban Exploration videos is not the idea that the explorers might encounter ghosts, hauntings,
or anything supernatural, it’s the thought of what strange real-life people might be
lurking around the dark abandoned buildings. Youtube channel “The Proper People” decided
to explore an abandoned insane asylum. The old institution was in the middle of nowhere,
miles through the woods down a dark unmarked road. At first, their exploration was creepy, but
mostly uneventful. They trekked from room to room, documenting
the decaying asylum. But then, one of the urban explorers looked
out a broken window to film an outer staircase. He noticed something very disturbing What looked to be someone using a cell phone
was walking around just outside the building. Again, keep in mind that this institution
was in the middle of nowhere. There were no other cars around, and no reason
for anyone else to be there. The explorers immediately decide to leave. After they’ve made their way outside, the
guys call out to the person in the dark …but no one answers. They hop in their car and make a hasty retreat
down the dark unpaved trail.

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