Training Day (1/5) Movie CLIP – Taking the Evidence (2001) HD

[radio beeps] [beep beep] Freeze up! Down on the floor!
Get down, motherfucker! What are you clowns
doing here? Jeff: Hey, new guy,
watch him. If he moves,
cap his ass! Yeah, I’m on him. Do you know what
you’re doin’, son? Paul: Drop what’s in
your hands before zero. 5… Both: 4, 3, 2… Roger: Boom. Give me a reason. [scoffs] Alonzo’s gonna have
y’all’s ass. What’s up, roger? What’s going down, brother? Oh, it’s all good, baby. It’s all good. That’s for you. What am I supposed to do
with this, wipe my ass? Bad news, dog. You don’t mind
if I have some of Your $300-a-glass shit
there, will you? Please. Had lunch with
the wise men today.

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