Trump’s Brain Malfunctions, Spews Nonsense on Camera

So let’s now get to the absolute ignorant
propaganda, disinformation nonsense from the NATO summit. Donald Trump, as the world leaders
were laughing at him, uh, as they said during that hot Mike moment that we talked about
already, Donald Trump took some questions in the UK. They talked about how Trump was
late because he answered questions for 40 minutes or something and his staff was wondering
what on earth is going on? Those 40 minutes were riddled with ridiculous ignorance, malignant
disinformation and propaganda, and it did not go well. Being upstaged by French president
Emmanuel Macron, which I’ll get to a little bit later on in the show, but when the topic
of climate change came up during Trump’s press conference yesterday, sort of de facto press
conference, this is one of the foremost international and geopolitical issues of our time. Donald Trump’s brain appeared to malfunction
or glitch and he seemed unable to stop saying ridiculous things. We’re going to look at
a couple of clips. This is again, this is really tragic because it’s not just that Trump
isn’t making sense on the topic of climate change. He’s actively making the problem worse.
He’s not working with other world leaders on the issue of climate. He’s sending us back
years in dealing with the problem. Here’s the first clip Trump was asked whether he
thinks about climate change, the concept of asking Trump what he thinks about I find funny,
I don’t know why. And Trump says he believes very strongly in very, very crystal clear
water and air. This is what it sounds like to have no idea what you’re talking about. Are you thinking about, I think about it all
the time. So, and honestly climate change is very important to me. And you know, I’ve
done many environmental impacts that Satan’s over my life and uh, I believe in, uh, I believe
very strongly and very, very crystal clear, clean water and clean air. That’s a big part
of climate change. I also see what’s happening with our oceans where certain countries are
dumping unlimited loads of things in or they float, they tend to float for the United States.
I see that happening and nobody’s ever seen anything like it and it’s gotten worse. But
no, it’s very important to me also. But I want clean air and clean water. The number
one in number two, he believes in crystal clear water very strongly.
I guess that’s good to know. But this is the way that a simpleton understands an issue,
which is fine if you’re not president of the United States, we don’t need simplistic understandings
of the foremost issues of our time held by the president of the United States. Certain
countries are dumping in the oceans. Well, what about us Donald, because we’re doing
that as well. Then a reporter, good for the reporter, tries to drill down a little more
specifically into this issue. Since Trump mentioned the oceans, the reporter asks about
rising sea levels and Trump with a generic everything concerns me, message shifts over
to talking about nuclear weapons, which wasn’t even the point of the question. Concerned about rising sea levels and all,
you know, I’m concerned about everything, but I’m also concerned about a nuclear proliferation,
which I think is a very important topic and it’s a topic that we’re going to discuss today.
Uh, I’m, you know, the whole situation with nuclear to me is very, very important as we’ve
been discussing today at the various meetings that we’ve had. Uh, I think that’s something
that has to be taken care of and it has to be dealt with very strongly. That whole situation with nuclear is important.
Why did the ocean, Oh yeah, that too. Sure. Then Trump has asked, so you’re here for a
NATO summit. The whole point of NATO is it’s a shared defense agreement. Member countries
come to the defense of other member countries. If they are attacked militarily, the U S would
do right, mr president. Well, Trump won’t commit to that, which again is the whole point
of NATO. Trump says, if the country hasn’t paid what he thinks they should pay, maybe
we won’t defend them. I guess is the point here on that question. Would you commit if there’s
a country that’s delinquent, does you put it in paying for their defense spending when
you commit as president of the United States to defend them if they were attacked? Well, you know, I’m going to be discussing
that and it’s a very interesting question, isn’t it? And you know, it also depends on
what your definition of delinquent is. For instance, if you have a country that’s paying
only 1% then you have some that are paying less than 1% and they shouldn’t be. You have
some that are paying less than 1% and they’re wealthy countries. So Trump just going off and talking about
other things. Do other countries owe back fees but not answering the question. Would
the United States come to the defense of NATO member nations as is the point of NATO’s existence.
But then hilariously, and this is so funny, the Dow fell hundreds of points yesterday
and Trump was asked about it while onscreen, the Dow was down like more than 400 points
and Trump said that he doesn’t watch the stock markets, which is so funny because on any
day that the stock market does well, Trump’s tweeting about it. Trump’s bragging about
it. Trump’s using that to justify that he has the best economy of any president and
[inaudible], you know, the history of the United States. But yesterday was a bad day
for stocks and Trump says, Oh, I don’t really pay attention to the stock market, but if the stock market goes up or down, I
don’t watch the stock rocket. I watch, uh, jobs. Jobs are what I watch. I watch making
the proper deal. We’ve been taken advantage of the United States by China for so many
years. Okay. Just one more, and we could go on all
day with these. Trump was asked about the house intelligence committee’s impeachment
report. Here’s what Donald Trump said. Now I can’t even make heads or tails out of this
one. I know at one point he seems to be talking about that supposedly Ukraine call transcript,
which is of course not a transcript. It’s like just a few paragraphs. And then I guess
he starts attacking Adam Schiff. I was, that’s what they saw. We have a perfectly
beautiful three to four page transcription. And then in the other case, a two page transcription
of the conversation. But a lot of people didn’t read that. How many people call you? A friend
of mine call about the top person in New York called up. Great friend of mine, very successful.
Gee, I didn’t like what was said. I said, Oh, where did you see it? Did you read it?
No, I didn’t read it. I heard Adam Schiff, you know? I said, well, that’s not what was
said, and I sent him a copy of what was said. He said, this is like, this is great. This
is the one. He said, this guy is sick. He made up the conversation. He lied. If he didn’t
do that in the halls of Congress, he’d be thrown into jail. But he did it in the halls
of Congress and he’s given immunity. This is shit person. He’s a liar. This is why world leaders are laughing
at him. What on earth is this guy talking about? It makes me cringe. It’s really embarrassing
and we’ll see today whether Trump ruins NATO by the time this clip is out, we may know
what impact Trump has had on sort of the core NATO summit meetings that are taking place
today. Trump tweeting earlier about his meeting with a Trumpian British prime minister, Boris
Johnson, of course, saying it was all absolutely great and fantastic. I wonder if Boris Johnson
participating in making fun of Trump yesterday in that video came up. My guess would be no,
but we will see what actually comes from the NATO summit discussions later today. Leave
a reply about this. If you’re watching on YouTube, what do you think explains Trump’s
seemingly a, a cute brain malfunction in these video clips?
Or send me a [email protected]

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    Calling Trump a Simpleton is a disservice to Really Simpletons. Trump is a Smart, but Demented Criminal Dotard. His lies are so twisted, so far fetched and so deep…they are impossible to keep up with. Even for government and press statastitions to handle.

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