Urban photography: Capturing a freerunner defying gravity | Museum Guggenheim Bilbao

The mission of getting to a location is just as beautiful
as the location itself in my eyes. it’s about the adventure and the exploration the mission is everything the photo is everything The first thing I always try to look for is symmetry
in all my locations, but in a place like the Guggenheim,
where symmetry rarely exist, you have to appreciate the abstract in it all I don’t see through my eyes, I see through my camera I feel the moment, I feel the location,
I feel that light But the brightest light causes the darkest shadows And in those shadows is where I like to explore That’s where I find my perspective Johan defies gravity with the way that he moves Photography defies time As time passes I’m able to capture that moment break its rule, and hold on to that second
and that moment forever No matter how long it takes, when I walk through a space I’m constantly looking for that perfect shot The shot that speaks to me the most And I know will resonate with people the most

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