Venice 2 Minute Photo Challenge: Beach, Street, Park

– All right, what’s up guys,
welcome back to the channel. I’m here with Claire. What’s your Instagram name? – Ladybaguette.
– Ladybaguette. – Like the bread. – She loves bread more
than I do and that’s sad. I’m a burrito’s guy. – Oh, croissant, baguettes – A croissant or baguette
– Yes – What we’re gonna be doing
today is a challenge video, here in Venice. We’ve got three different
locations for you. We’re gonna do, here with these rocks. Second location’s gonna
be at the handball courts that are in Venice. And then the third one,
we’re gonna do something fun. So, stick around for that. But what are you shooting with today? – I have my Canon Mach
4, and I have a 24-70. – I’m gonna do my Sony A9 with a 50mm 1.4. Rules real quick. So rules are, we’re each
gonna have two minutes to shoot our amazing model, Lily. She’s gonna hop in here, in a sec. Did you just wink? – This is Lily. – What up?
– Yeah. – So we each gonna have two minutes each to go through and photograph Lily in each different outfit,
in each different location. You guys can vote in the comments, whose pictures you like the most. Hopefully, you’ll say mine but
if you guys haven’t seen her, – Ladybaguette for the win, okay. – If you guys haven’t her
work it’s just pretty epic. So, all right, are you guys ready? You feeling good? – Yes, lets get to it.
– Oh yeah. – Do a three way high five. – Wooh!
– That was so awkward. – Wooh!
– That was so – Okay, we’ll rock,
paper, scissors for it. – Okay, whoever out of three, whoever wins.
– Two out of three? – Yeah – Ah, ready? – One, two, three. Shoot – It’s one out of one,
all right, all right. – That’s okay, I like to
be the underdog, ready? – Ready. – Oh, we did it wrong, sorry. – You did four. – I know, I did four, all right, ready? – Okay, wait. – One, two, three.
– One, two, three. – What is this? – It’s paper! – This is not paper, this is paper. – That’s the same thing. – Have you never learnt to play, I lost, I lost. (Claire giggles) Okay, so I’m going first. (trendy music) – This is gonna look real sexy here on the pants. – [Claire] On your mark, get set, go. – [Michael] Okay perfect, I love that. That’s perfect, perfect. Give me like a little shoulder
shrug, like a little playful. That’s great, throw
your hair to that side. – You got a minute 27. – [Michael] Oh yeah, I got all day. It’s probably right cross there. – [Claire] One minute. – Oh my god. – 15 seconds.
– Okay go. Love it! – Three, two, one. I’m not gonna lie, I
accidentally paused it for a solid 30 seconds. So you technically got two minutes and 30 seconds. – I think you probably saw me struggling and you were like, oh
my god this guy needs at least another 30 seconds. – I was trying to give you an edge. (upbeat music) – [Michael] It’s a rush, right? – Yes, it’s very (mumbles) – [Claire] It’s hard, ’cause you gotta adjust to like, the lighting, your settings, like, the background. – [Lily] You’re in a rush – [Michael] She’s all yours. (trendy music) – Okay, can we like, can we go stand and then you start it? – [Micheal] All right,
three, two, one, go! – [Claire] Put one leg out a bit more. Yeah, perfect. That’s fine, fine, just stand on this one. Stand on this one, sit on it. Sit on it, all the way. Have one leg out, lean back. (gleeful cheering) Oh my god, my shoes are (beep). (upbeat music) Okay, now come out here. Oh my god, my shoes are so (beep). (upbeat music) Yeah, perfect, hold that. – I even didn’t think to have her lay in the water, damn it. – Super quick – [Michael] Nine seconds, eight, seven – Right there, right there, look at me. – [Michael] One. – Done. (happy shrieks) Yoh, my shoes are (beep). Look what I just, I put
my entire heart and soul. – I know, I love it.
– Into this session. Oh, no! My heart is like, kinda broken right now. – I love how into it you
got, that was amazing. – [Claire] Didn’t even stop. – That was amazing. – All right, I really
hope I got, that’s hard. – Yeah, that’s fire. – So she told me, my picture was cute. She told her, her picture was fire. Who’s do you think she liked better? (trendy music) (helicopter blades whirling) – Okay, I really am out of my element. So, you recommended this spot. Why do you like shooting here? – I love shooting here ’cause
it’s super muted colors and there’s a lot of cool,
like, shadow light plays especially like, during
super intense lighting time of the day. And I also really actually
do saturated looks, like, I don’t know if
you’ve seen my stuff? But, it’s like, the least amount of color, the more I like it, so
this is right up my alley. – It’s amazing, that’s probably the only similarity between this
place and what I shoot is that, it’s super neutral colors. – Yeah. – I went first last time,
so you’re going first. – So I’m going first?
– You’re going first, so I’m gonna see
– Okay. – kinda how you’re gonna handle this. – Okay. – And then we’ll see what happens. – Ready? – You ready, Lily?
– You got this. – [Lily] I’m ready. – So she can fun girl, yeah, okay. – [Michael] Okay, three, two, one, go. (upbeat music) – [Claire] Beautiful, chin up. (camera shutter clicks) – Right, just on the
shoulders, yeah perfect. And then stand right here, then face that way. Ah, beautiful, lean against the wall. Use the wall as a prop,
chin up a little bit more. Yeah, beautiful, face that way, hands up. – Three, two, one.
– Yeah perfect, done. (gleeful shriek) Oh shit, oh I know, I got
so many banging shots. – [Michael] Look at that smile. – Yoh, girl I was so good. – [Lily] (mumbles) see! – They look way too excited
for me to have a chance. (upbeat music) – Okay I’m just gonna
leave, I’m just gonna leave. – First one was hard, this
is literally this says baguette all over it. – [Michael] You’re like
a whole different person in this space. – I know, I feel good. – Okay, I have like, one idea, maybe. – [Lily] All right. – Mark, get set, go. – [Michael] Pull down, and
then kinda, yeah, that. I wanna get the line
coming across your face. So that’s where, there. So, maybe stay up, rotate a
little more towards the wall. All right yeah, look right at me. Do a little shoulder shrug,
like you’re a little hiding. Sweet, like, all the way over
here like, twirling it almost. – Oh god
– Okay go ahead. – [Claire] 30 seconds – Sweet, I feel good, I’m ready, I’m done. – [Claire] You’re done? – Nice work
– Use that. – [Claire] Damn! – I have no idea.
– Cutting it early? – I know, I think it’s gonna be good. Actually the coolest
one, I thought that I got was, I mean, that’s pretty bad ass. Check this out. (upbeat music) (trendy music) – Okay, so, the first two
were really stressful. This one, we’re gonna
have a little fun with. I think, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna buy a few
things just here in Venice, to style the model. – Like, create our own outfit basically. – Create our own outfit, I’m terrible, I can barely clothe myself. So Claire’s gonna be
probably taking the — – I’ll style it a little bit. – taking the main road, on this one, so you see something you wanna start with? – Yeah, I think I have some good ideas. – All right. – Kinda like, modern,
techny, techy, type of stuff. – I’m in, let’s check it out. – Let’s do it. (techy music) – Okay, so we’re kinda rushing right now, because we bought this
whole outfit in Venice, it looks awesome and we wanna do it with an ice-cream cone
and it is like, melting. It is melting, melting, so we’re rushing. – [Claire] We’ve got a light
prop here, a light prop. – I think it’s so.
– Is it on you’re nose? – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Claire] All right,
no, it’s good, it’s good, it’s fine, it’s supposed to be like that, – [Michael] Are you ready? – [Claire] Yeah, just
hold it in front of you, and then like, great. – [Michael] Three, two, one, go. (upbeat music) – Hold that, hold it a bit closer to you, yeah perfect, just… (upbeat music) Do we have a napkin? – [Michael] Where are the napkins? – Is this good?
– No – [Michael] More on the right side. You only got 10 seconds left. – Face this way. (upbeat music) Beautiful. – [Michael] All right, time’s up. (laughing) – That was crazy.
– Yeah you’re gonna go Mike. – This is like the most
random thing I’ve every seen. (upbeat music) – Okay, so you just
hold that like, way out. Just like, let in drip, for a sec. I wanna see the reflection we can get in your glasses, and then bring it like, real close to your face. I’m just gonna keep that right there, – To drop? – No Good, perfect, now I just want you to, you gonna be walking that way. – [Claire] You have one minute. – Oh yeah, I got all day basically. I got all day, Winston. Okay, that’s perfect, okay
criss-cross your steps – 40 seconds.
– Okay, go ahead. Yeah that’s perfect. Okay go ahead, yes, I
love it, to the right. – [Claire] I love it. – Perfect, that’s all my imagination can hold,
I’m completely done. You can just devour that, if you want to. – Okay. – Oh my God. (upbeat music) All right guys, that a wrap. Claire, what did you think? What’s your favorite outfit? – It was so fun, my favorite outfit, had to be the third outfit, for sure. – Really? – Yeah, the third outfit, but I liked the second location a lot better. First overall thing, it was just super hard for me, I didn’t
know what I was doing, I didn’t have a full,
knowledge of like, the time and like, how short that really is. Yeah, second location, so
sick, like, so my vibe. Third outfit, so my vibe. – Nice, I had such a hard
time with the third outfit. I just sorta like gave, she was like, all the ice-cream melting on her hand. I was like, just go walk over there. Just go all the way over there. But, I ended up actually really loving the second spot, the
jacket was really cool. The colors popped.
– Yeah – I actually really like
putting a bunch of them in the black and whites.
– Yeah – That was real sick. – I liked that you were kind of nervous with the second location, ’cause it wasn’t really your full vibe. But that’s the one to
ended up liking the most. – Worked out. – Just goes to show, you gotta try, get out of your comfort zone. – Take it from her. – Do something, you’re not used to doing. – You gotta have an inspirational quote. – Eat baguettes, make money. – Okay (laughing) Eat baguettes, make money. All right so guys, go check
out Claire’s Instagram. Go check out Lily’s Instagram. Thanks for watching and we
will see you in the next one. – What is this? Yeah, check it out, come
and like, subscribe. I’m so annoying.

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