Vetrivel Super Scene | Sasikumar plans to kidnap Varsha | Thambi Ramiah Super Comedy | Samuthirakani

Shall we kidnap her? Best solution! Kidnap? She doesn’t even want to elope
As if she’ll agree to be kidnapped You think we’ll inform her? What if she creates
some problem after that? You are sure she loves you?
She wants to be your wife? Then she won’t create
any problem for sure That’s decided How can just the 2 of us do this? I have the right contacts Who? They are just 4 Equal to 400 men! “Praise be to Lord Shiva” As long as we are alive
love won’t die, pal So, the girl is not willing to come Right? Then kidnapping her
is our only solution Pal, get the kidnap kit We don’t pit our wits into
rash moves like before, pal He hurt his leg He finds it tough even to walk But he is stubborn enough to be
part of every operation of ours So we changed
our route a little bit If the person concerned
is 10′ away, we spray A little closer
we use chloroform If they shout, this knife Let’s not go into
the violence route I know you prefer silence
to violence, my dear friend So we’ll fix on chloroform What if something happe- Not to worry Your girl will only faint Dab just 4 drops and
stick this under her nose She’ll be in another world
for 4 hours at a stretch If you keep this under her nose
how will she not talk- Don’t fall into the water Move back…move Othaasai Yov! Othaasai Let’s go – Why are we here?
– To kidnap the girl Why did you bring me along? – You won’t even lend 1 hand?
– I won’t come even with 5 hands! They will recognize me! Saravana, move a little bit Will the concerned person
be there by now, pal? Will she be there now? Yes If you have her photo
please give it to me Vetri broke my phone Total damage Okay, I’ll come No, you wait here, pal As soon as we kidnap her… …you must leave this place
in the blink of an eye Pal, you don’t even know that girl How will you find her
that too in this crowd? There must be
about 5000 people here? If you assume
half are women… …count is 2500 Out of that 2500, if you negate
1500 married women, balance is 1000 Babies from 1 year old to 10
will be around 500 In the remaining 500,
50 would’ve gone to college 10 would’ve studied in the same
college as your brother You told me she is
the President’s daughter From his expression I am sure
he would’ve chosen a beautiful girl Easy to find that 1 girl, pal
I’ll take care Why rattle all these calculations? I know that girl very well – Okay, you come along
– I must go back home You’ll anyway sit at home
with your lips zipped! ‘Has he told the whole world?’ – Sammandhi’ma, how are you?
– I am fine – Are you doing good?
– Everyone is fine Make sure he sticks to us Follow us, boss My memory of her face
is faded and light But her father will know
my face close up tight! When it comes to helping someone
our heels should fly, boss ‘Your skin can bear the thrashing’ ‘But I am not thick skinned!’ They have a lot of clout We should be very careful Hey Othaasai, is she the girl- – Where did Othaasai go?
– He was with Pandi Go look for him that side Look over there ‘Bro…bro…bro, for me’ Go and fetch him Give me some, bro How long I’ve been asking? Pass it through someone Pandi, come I’m asking for you too – Where is Othaasai?
– He was right behind me First look for him Glutton of the first order! Try and identify me You are unable to? Don’t tell anyone I’m Othaasai Now I’ll show you that girl Follow me Do you see that group there? There are groups
all over the temple! Can you see that gentleman
in a white shirt, looking so refined? Yes He is the President Show us the girl Next to him is a girl
clad in a yellow- Why is he pointing at me? Half sari…half sari- Yellow half sari, right?
We’ll handle her Get into the car Start You- No time to talk, leave now Go…go How will I find them
in this darkness? Why did they turn on the lights? If they find me,
they will squeeze me dry He flew like a rocket! Start Hey! Vagabond
At least you take me along Start…hey Pandi, come Get in Othaasai, as long as
we are alive, love won’t die I’ll die soon! See you in our next
Operation, Othaasai My ‘yellow shirt king’!
He won’t let me down ever He stripped me bare
down to my underwear! Yes, Othaasai How could you strip me
and leave me stranded here? Who left you behind? Give us updates by the minute! If you had told me this earlier
I wouldn’t be stripped to the skin Zip your lips
and do what I say Okay Icing on the cake!

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