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Alright morning people, morning people. Tobrise
here so today this video is going to be a bit of a journey in terms of what I do for
Devoland. So I’ll take you in for a quick little sneak pick. I’m going to literally
take you on a little bit of a journey in terms of a lot of things that we do for Fresh Fields
market for Devoland. Devoland is a YouTube channel that I cofounded with a really good
friend of mine Devon. And in a nut shell what we do is document great things that are happening
within the and to highlight you know the creatives for business men and women people who are
doing great stuff within the from yeah I mean yeah okay yeah so I’m going to let you take
credit for that idea. So my cousin had a clothing line or he was a cofounder of a clothing line
and I literally had the idea of documenting and featuring his cloths on a you tube channel.
So I kind of gave him the like the idea I spoke to him about it but I think at the time
he’s like company was like growing pretty quickly and he didn’t really have time or
there was a lot of red tape to kind of get like the idea forward and Devon was always
in my mind in terms of being the presenter because he’s he’s knowledgeable as well
he’s you know Devon is very knowledgeable about you know the kind of urban scene the
urban scene so you know I kind of talked to Devon about idea initially and once I knew
it wasn’t going to come off the ground I kind of shelved it really or didn’t really
think anything about it and again it was Devon to his credit. He was like well let’s just
do it anyway but rather than just focusing on one business, let’s do it for our local
area [unclear 03:15-16] initially it was London let’s kind of focus on London, let’s kind
of focus on great things that are happening in London. So yeah that’s literally how
like the idea came about going on now for a year and a bit probably even I think it’d
be two years in November we’ve done so much work it’s just unbelievable. We really really
pride in terms of where we are right now. And there’s going to be a lot of great things
happening. Let me not walk on the grass. A lot of great things happening in the near
future. So what I’m doing today I’m going to be PM in a bit of a kind of a product photo
shoot with Fresh Fields market and again just a bit of a lowdown on Fresh Fields. They literally
found us on our blogging channels yeah they kind of reached out to us to literally do
their media initially videos so and again put like a link to our videos there. And again
it’s purely on the basis that we were you know not that we were, like we are still hosting
hard getting like work out there. So the owner saw our videos saw how we are you know we
were like slightly left field and yeah we kind of started off doing the videos that
we do every single month and now we’ve added photography now. So we kind of literally we
take pictures of their products and some other stuff as well so again you know we are can
kind of really really thankful and grateful that Fresh Fields saw us as talented people
and wanted to kind of work with us so actually this is what I’m doing now so yeah I’m going
to go down to Fresh Fields now we have our photographer and getting the photos done and
then probably after that, probably talk a bit about a few things; a few business related
subjects that we have to talk about and then back home to do some editing. Yesterday well
depending on when this is coming out but yesterday was Sunday, today is Monday. Yesterday, we
at Devoland, we had a few things that we had to sort out like our website, like an interview,
at least you’re kind of getting a few things sorted out and it was a hectic day, it was
a hectic weekend you know and I think people don’t really kind of see. I think people understand
but I think people don’t really see what kind of goes into organizing and planning interviews,
planning a strategy for you know a growth of a business whether it’s online or you know
bricks and water. And again you know people really kind of don’t see what Devon and I
talk about because we are different people you know, we are friends we’ve been friends
over ten years but we both come from different backgrounds, we both have different ideas
about where like we want to be however we both work hard and you know there’s a kind
of common there’s a common foundation where whatever we want we know that we’ve got to
put that extra bit of effort in because you just don’t know what’s going to be around
the corner. So I think it’s kind of good to show people that okay they will like see like
the pictures, they like see like the videos coming out, they see like the laughter and
the energy that hopefully we kind of give out to like people but you know there’s literally
like a lot of planning, there’s a lot of late night phone calls, there’s a lot of late
night whatsapp messages. There’s been a few occasions where there’s kind of literally
been there’s literally been a few occasions where we’ve been on the phone you know twelve,
half twelve messages you know trying to get things sorted out for like the next day. There’s
been times where Devon’s been on like my case to kind of get shit done and vice versa. But
you know that’s actually what you need to kind of make anything successful you know
you need to work hard and you know you like got to put a lot of ground work. I don’t
know if that’s a run but it’s more of an observation in terms of what I’ve experienced
with kind of you know other you know businesses that I’ve kind of been involved with. But
again you know Devon and I are cofounders so if like we don’t put in like the effort
now, no one else is going to put in the effort. When you know certain like things don’t happen.
And of course you know there’s nothing that Devon and myself can actually do and when
it’s so it now kind of start letting us down. Yes you do have to have that patience
and that degree of self-awareness to kind of know that okay you know what things just
happen as of whatever it is that is just out of your control however when you plan certain
things and you’ve made a strategy and you know now we’re literally trying to fit in
as much we can on a particular day like for example on yesterday which was Sunday, we
had an interview, we also had a website strategy in it which basically means we literally made
a wide frame of our website a logo design as well and also I had a meeting with my business
partner about another business that I’m kind of starting which I would be talking
about very, very, very, soon. So I crammed in a lot within a day which is cool you know
like I’m not complaining or I’m not boasting or anything else like that because that’s
the kind of life that I want to lead. However you know I had a really busy Saturday as well.
We have like the family and you know I was just making sure everyone was actually okay
and like when like you know certain things just don’t happen I you know like people kind
of just let you down then yeah you know you can become very frustrated and you know I
am very, very patient and again it’s you know I don’t want to blow my own trumpet or anything
else like that but you know I kind of believe that you know in like a certain situations
I’m very very patient but when you put things in place and then people don’t kind of respect
like the time and effort but yeah you know I kind of kick off and you know that’s what
kind of what happened yesterday. You know I’m not going to apologize about how I was
feeling you know I’m not you know asking for like a sorry or anything else like that but
you know that’s just how it is you know you like just have to move on which I am. But
again you know I think it’s just kind of good for like people to actually know where sometimes
when things just don’t happen cool like be like annoyed about it, be like angry however
today’s a new day you know you have a plan, you have an agenda, you have like things that
you just have to do so exactly what I’m kind of doing now you know a photo shoot now
that just has to be done. Just kind of move on and you know just kind of know that you’re
like time and your resources are kind of precious to you and also the people that you constantly
work with Oh crap I just missed my tram. This is my tram. Fresh Fields alright so I’m here now at fresh fields I know you
can see I’m not really good with a selfie front camera so yeah I’m here now on time.
I’m just waiting for my photographer and getting these photos done talk about business
with and then back home to get some editing done. I’m here with our photographer but
yeah let me show you just kind of what we do we also have like a quick little conversation
just making sure that everything is cool making sure that we’ve got . But again you know like
it’s kind of so like vital to kind of have people that believe in terms of what you do.
Literally that’s what the photographer does for us, he kind of literally gets those pictures
done. He kind of make some pop out and yeah you know it’s kind of literally just an absolute
dream. All right so I’m using Wesley’s phone because my phone has decided to die on me
but hey you know what, we just have to what’s the word I’m looking for?
Wesley: Improvise Tobrise: Improvise that’s the word. So yeah
we’ve just finished fresh fields photography for the products we’ve also had a really,
really good as well right? Wesley: Yeah
Tobrise: And we’re going to be coming up with some great, great ideas. And again it’s
just about using the technology that you have like my phone was just literally died on me
so I’m using Wesley’s phone and Wesley is going to send me all of the video plays
as simple as that. We work together as a community and we help each other out. So again thanks
for watching and I’ll see you guys very soon. Alright okay so I said that this was going
to be the end of the video blog before with Wesley I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong.
Again I just want to kind of delve into what I do with Devoland in terms of what the plans
are now. So yesterday as I kind of mentioned we had a few things that we had to do with
Devoland and one of them is about getting our website up and running. So if you’d
bear with me. Okay let’s see how it is so this stuff I don’t know if you can see.
This stuff here in my hand, I don’t know if you can see auto zoom auto zoom but anyway
I’m not too sure you can see but anyway we have literally done a very brief draft
in terms of what our site should look like. So what I’m going to be doing today is getting
it into some like a more tangible, yes something that’s slightly more tangible and then send
it off to the designer to see what they can actually come up with and try and make our
dreams come true. Devon and myself have already spoke today about certain things that we’re
looking to do and certain people that we have to kind of connect with and it’s kind of
so like vital to kind of have to have that person that’s kind of also striving to get
things done and I did mention that earlier on you know it tells on how we bounce off
each other. So you know it’s a kind of great growth and we’re meeting great people as
well and again you know it’s another feather in our bows in terms of the people that we’re
connecting with, the work that we’re producing, and everything else that kind of goes with
it. And you know again it’s only going to be more exciting times. You know it’s going
to be one of those things where we started from nothing really to having something now
where you know we’re both really really confident that we’ve you know got some something there.
Things will definitely change in terms of the kind of model which is cool. And again
you know change is change is great because you know you have to kind of change your perspective
on a lot of things to kind of get to that next level so that is what’s going on. So
tonight he’s going to be working on this this kind of website getting sorted out. We’re
going to be doing some more editing as well. We have an interview with which I’m going
to be working on now and also the Fresh Fields video so a lot to go by and a lot to go on.
Thank you for watching this. Anything I can do to help please please please let me know
and again your kind of comments any sort of comments would be great. Now it’s officially

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