Videography Terms & Information : Resolution: Videography Terms

Hi! My name is Antar with Blue Phoenix Media
you can find us on the web at and in conjunction with Expert Village we’re
going to be talking to you today about videography. Now the fourth segment that I wanted to get
into is going to be on resolution or more importantly your standard definition and high
definition. Now you might hear that a lot you know high definition television, high
definition video well how does that really pertain to you and what does that really mean?
Well standard definition is generally the amount of horizontal lines and the amount
of vertical lines that are actually in your screen size of your television set or whatever
image you have, now high definition has a larger amount of actual horizontal and vertical
lines on that actual image. Now if you have let’s say a small 13 inch television really
having a high definition image wouldn’t really benefit you at all because your screen
size isn’t even big enough to display that image. But let’s say you had a 50 inch television
and you tried to play let’s say a standard definition on it you’ll notice that it looks
kind of like a zoomed in or really blown up photo copy, so when you have that high definition
image on that very large high definition television you start to notice that clarity and that
sharpness. Once again my name is Antar with Blue Phoenix Media you can find us on the
web at thanks for watching.

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