Videography Terms & Information : Tripod: Videography Terms

Hi! My name is Antar with Blue Phoenix Media
you can reach us on the web at and in conjunction with Expert Village we’re
going to be talking to you today about videography. Now currently we’re on segment ten and what
I’m going to be talking to you today about is tripods, now as you can see and as you’re
watching it’s very stable there’s no shaky camera cause our cameraman’s not holding
the camera he actually has it on a tripod. Now the tripod consist generally of two elements
it has the actual head which is on the top part of the camera attaches to and then it
has legs as we like to call them sticks. Now this is actual the bottom part most of the
time they’re two separate pieces, now the head you can have some of the better ones
they have what’s called a fluid head when you move from left to right and up and down
it doesn’t skip and stutter it moves very smoothly and the sticks or the bottom legs
they have switches on the side to raise them from up and down and they also have something
called a spreader what kinds of keeps them locked in. Once again my name is Antar you
can find me on the web at, thanks for watching.

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