VIRAL TikTok Photo Hacks ft Piper Rockelle *Boys vs Girls*

– Hello everyone, I am with
Piper Rockelle and the squad and we are doing boys
versus girls viral TikTok photo hacks today. I picked out a series of photo
hacks I’m gonna show a team the photo, you have five
minutes to figure out how we did it, do it and get the shot, you get two points if you get it. If you need a life line,
if you need my help, you get one point. Are you guys ready? – Yeah!
– Yeah! All right, let’s do it! – But make sure you
guys like and subscribe and turn on his post notifications. – Or else. – Wow. The winning team gets to
take over the losing team’s TikTok for a day. – No way!
– No! – Boys team goes first,
you get five minutes once you look at it. Ready, set, go. – What?
– wait, what? – How do you even do that?
– Oh my God. – I don’t understand. You’re like floating in the air? I think we should step on glass. – Either that or they have a harness. – Let’s go, let’s go.
– All right, all right. All right, all right. – You’ve already wasted a
minute and there’s no glass involved in this photo. – What? – Yeah. – Are they jumping?
– Then they’re just jumping. – How are they jumping? – Like this.
– Here. – Look at it again. – Their heel is on something. – Ooh!
– oh! – Yeah ’cause it’s like this. – This is what they’re doing,
they’re doing like this. – Oh. You guys are sharp! – Run, run, run. We’ve only got– – I can take the picture like this. Oh don’t want you to fall on me. I’m okay, I believe in you. Good, right there. Oh that was a good one. – Dun, dun, dun. – [Jordan] All right. – Oh it’s so much scarier up here. Three, two, one.
– Yeah. – Boys, early lead, two points. Next round, the girls. – You guys are going down. – Here’s your photo. – Oh, oh, okay. – Is that like a mirror? – No I feel like she’s on like the ground and that’s a shadow. – I feel like it’s a window. – She’s on the ground. – It looks the film camera. – Window? – Car window, car window. – I just put this– – You guys she’s on the
windshield and then– – Yeah. – This is what the
black part is, then you, Photoshop is in. – There’s no Photoshop. – No photo, what?
– Nope. – I’m confused, oh gosh. – Or maybe we go inside and then take it. – Should we get a hint? – Yes.
– Yeah. – Okay, we need a hint. – If I give you a hint
it’s gonna lose one point. – Okay? Stay with your car theory. – Really? – Yes. – Well can we use somebody else’s car? – Side, side, side. Window, window. – I’m trying, I’m trying. – Good, good, good, put your hair back. How much time? 10 seconds! Nice, nice. Got it! – That’s pretty good.
– Cool. – You guys are amazing.
– All right. – Remember there is a big
consequence for the losing team so stick around. Go, five minutes. – What?
– Oh my God. – Are you giving us a Lamborghini? – Pretend it’s a police car. – Is the car tiny? Is it a tiny Lamborghini?
– It’s a tiny car! – You need a tiny police car. – Go, go, go! – We can’t find it. – Found it! – I think we gotta put it on a ledge. I think we need better
lighting and I think we need to flip around. – Ooh, garbage can, garbage can. – Look up towards the sun, there. It’s better if it’s up there, hold on. Good, good, good. Good right there. Hold it. Okay. – You guys are still up. – That was an amazing photo. – So far the girls are
looking like they’re gonna get the consequence. – We’re gonna take over all of– – You get a prop, the prop
is also hidden in the house, you got five minutes to find
the prop and get a cool photo. – Okay, that’s a, that’s a. – Okay like a magnifying glass. – Go it’s in the house. – Okay, okay, all right, all right, so I’m gonna check behind all the pillows because I feel like
that’s a cool little spot. Do you guys have it? – Did you guys steal the magnifying glass? – Maybe. – Found something. – So who wants to do this photo? – I found it. – Okay. – I found it.
– I found it. – [Jordan] Hurry up, hurry up. – Okay. – Probably just do a
TikTok dance for you guys. – Wait, copyright, oh yeah, copyright. – I hope this is entertaining you. – Right there against the
wall, somebody else let me see. Somebody else hold it above her. There, right there. That’s cool, look, stay there. This is better outside. – This is actually really
nerve wracking guys. Leave a big thumbs up. – I got the eye, let’s do lips. Big laugh, big smile. Got it, that was really funny. – I need to see what I looked like. Oh my God. – You got two points, that’s three and boys have five, next round. – Five?
– Five? – You said four last time. – Whoops, did I say that? Oh my God.
– Yeah! – What a mistake on my part. – Wait, did Walker pay you? ‘Cause if he paid you, I’ll go get cash. Go get cash and I’ll bribe him! – The next TikTok photo hack, here we go. – What is it? – Whoa.
– What? – Shower!
– Oh shower! – It’s the shower! – There’s a glass shower in there? Okay. – Let’s go!
– let’s do it. – We have decided we will put
the water on the camera lens. – Yeah. – That’s what we decided on. – [Jordan] Okay I’m ready. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – He looks so sad. – [Lev] He looks like a movie poster. – Two more points, the boys are really. – Woo! – This one is particularly cool. Are you guys ready? – Wow!
– That is so cool. – Maybe like, something’s
over me and then you put ice on whatever’s over me? – We don’t even have a glass table. – Ooh. Luckily there’s something
hidden for you in the house. – Okay, go, go, go. – Okay, okay, okay. I’m gonna go . – Guys, guys! – We’ve gotta take the picture out. – The glass, yeah, the
glass, this is the glass. Hold on, hold on, okay. – This is the glass, we
have to take this out. – Okay so someone’s gonna
have to hold it over me. – Ah. That’s gonna be cool ’cause
there’s no reflection, okay. Gotta hurry you only have two minutes. – Should I have it all up?
– I think your hair should be going out like that. – Okay, yeah. I actually have merch , if you guys wanna see it I
have a couple sneak peeks. You guys can go check out my
channel, the details are there, also, I’m going on tour really soon, the details are also on my
channel so, go check it out. Love you guys. – All right!
– Mine’s bursting open! – All of it? – I think that might be all we need. – This is actually kinda
stressful but it’s always fun to do new challenges in life. – I’m nervous. Oh my God, that looks so good. Ow, ow hair! – Okay so horizontal, there. Okay now put your hand up, yeah
like that, yeah, yeah, yeah. This is actually very cool. Okay hold it. – [Sophie] You’re trapped
under a ice capsule. – That is so cool. – That is so cool. – I’m giving you three points for that. Yeah! It is now a tie score because
I gave the girls three points because they got that sick shot. – Whoa. – We’re gonna give you
each one final photo hack and at the end Frank is
gonna determine the winner. – Okay. – The winning team gets to
take over the losing team’s TikTok for one whole day. For your last photo
hack, I’ve got two props. An orange, a spatula and here’s the photo. – Whoa! – Whoa!
– whoa! – Is there like a stick holding
the orange or something? I think the person just does
this, we cut the orange in half first and then we throw it. – Oh my God! – You have your oranges. – This is a sick photo. – Let’s see what happens, go. – It’s so close. – Three, two, one. – Whoa.
– Whoa. Yes! – Whoa!
– That is so cool. – And here is your photo. – Is that edited in? – That’s not edited in. – Wait, that’s not edited in? – No. – How do you do it then?
– How? – Wait, it looks like a shoelace. – Or it could be a cord. – That’s one of those light
things, you go like this and you make a heart, you
have to snap it real fast. – They’re looking for the prop right now. – It’s in the trashcan! So I don’t really understand
how this is gonna work, we just found a flashlight so I guess– – We gotta cut it open and do it, come on. – Let’s see what happens, go. – It’s too light. – It’s too light. – Guys, turn off the lights. – Three, two, one. – All right guys so this
isn’t working so we’re gonna go try the basement. – Here you can go ’cause really . – Against that wall, perfect. This is gonna take us a couple times then we’re gonna get it. It’s getting there, it’s getting there. – For the things that
go behind these photos, you guys should subscribe. – I love the idea, I love it.
– Yeah, that’s my idea. This can be the
perfect heart, you can do it! Three, two, one. Turn it on. – Oh my God.
– That is so good! – High fives, high fives. – Oh yeah! – Way to go! All right everybody, that
was sick, you guys nailed it everybody now we have to find the winner. – What the heck is going on? Who are you people? I saw you guys running around
like a bunch of chickens with ya head cut off! – Do me the favor of picking a winner. Girls team or boys team? – So you want me to judge? I’m very freaking judgemental. Let me see them, oh yeah
let me see them, oh yeah. You shooting in 4K? – Mm-hmm. – That’s good. – And look at that last one
with the light painting, also that fruit thing
there, that’s pretty cool. – Well, I don’t like Sophie but I’m gonna say the girls! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – No!
– Your phones! – No, what! – Let’s go make some TikToks! – [Jordan] You’re gonna wanna
watch their TikToks starting right now ’cause I think there’s
gonna be some really silly stuff on it. – So make sure you guys like
and subscribe and also go follow all of us and
thank you so much Jordan for having us today! – And here’s– – All you brats get outta my yard. And we’re out. – Go. Oh. Oh man. This is very cool, okay, go ahead. Got him. Okay, Piper you’re in. Oh I like it when you put
your hair back like that right there, right there. Hold it. Okay!
– High five! – Bubble blow!
– Bubble blow! – High five.
– Bubble blow!

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