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  • NOT a dangerous incident. It's a pissed off woman. Who knows what that black car did? Maybe he cut her off and nearly caused an accident. Don't jump to conclusions before you have ALL the facts. Additionally, the REAL problem is that the police don't even care about traffic violations anymore. They themselves do not set a good example. Cops are always running red lights, speeding, and NOT doing their job. They should be out on the roads full force watching the traffic to make sure "incidents" like this NEVER happen. I blame the police.

  • I can't believe someone with such a ridiculous tattoo wasn't the instigator. More to this story in terms of poor decision-making.

  • goes on more often then you think…

  • Couldn’t be me in the black car I would’ve gotten out and drag the bitch out of the white Mercedes truck 😂😂😂 dont fuck with me in the morning 🔫⚰️🚬😂🤣🙃

  • Damn Vegans

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