Visa pour L’image: The printed photograph

Welcome to the ‘Visa pour l’image’ festival in Perpignan. Canon has supported this festival for 30 years. It’s a unique mix of art and professionals from the photography and printing industries. Its creator and organiser, Jean François Leroy, shows us the best of photojournalism from around the world. Let’s go! Hello Jean François Leroy! Hello Delphine Lelu! Thanks for having us at the ‘Visa pour l’image’ festival. Tell us, what is at the heart of ‘Visa’? Its heart is the talent of the photographers who often take crazy risks to tell us about the world we live in. Why did you choose Canon as a partner? Canon have always listened – they have been reactive and receptive. Tell us, in this digital age, why are we still printing photographs? Listen, in this digital age I think there is nothing more sensual than a photo print. It allows you to focus on minute details you might not have seen on screen with an image that you only look at briefly whereas, here, we have the opportunity to contemplate a static image and to see little details that we might not have noticed otherwise. Thank you for answering my questions. Have a great festival! Hi, I work with Ed. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! Thank you. What are your expectations when your photos are printed? The tone, the range in the shadows and the highlights, looking for a nice even exposure… The contrast, the colour, and the closeness to the digital form of the picture that you have on your computer. Thank you very much. Bye! Hello, Ilvy Njiokiktjien. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too! So, these are two of your photos. Yes! Tell us more about your work! I’m a photojournalist based in the Netherlands, but I work a lot in South Africa and these two images were taken in South Africa. What is important for you technically when you see your photos printed? I think, for me, the most important thing when printing pictures is that they look like real life, like the thing I saw when I was looking through the camera. So, to see a picture like this where the light on his arm is really the way I saw it in real life, that makes me very happy when I see a print. Well, congratulations on your photos. They’re amazing! And thank you very much. Thanks so much. Thank you. Canon hopes you enjoy the festival. See you next year! See you next year!

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