Warwickshire wedding photographer Linda Scannell

Hi. I’m Linda Scannell and I have the best
job in the world. I’m a wedding photographer, which means that
happy couples ask me to share their special day and create beautiful photos to give them
memories that will last hopefully their lifetime, their children’s lifetime and perhaps even
their grandchildren’s lifetime. For me, it’s not big, grand venues that make
a fantastic wedding day It’s all those deeply emotional moments that couples share: the laughter; tears; hugs; glances; special littlesupportive hand squeezes. All those things
I’m on the look out for all the time because those are things that will remind you how
you felt on your day because your wedding day whizzes by and it’s amazing how much you do
forget. So you need those visual memories to help you bring all those emotions back. It’s hard describing your own photography.
I usually say it’s a mixture of fine art and documentary because I’m also a fine art photographer
as well as a wedding photographer and sell fine art pictures. So hopefully that artistic
flare comes over in my wedding photography too. But people have also described them as
soulful, emotional, heartfelt so I hope I’m doing a good job of capturing all those emotions. I don’t want you to pretend to be somebody
else. I just want you to be you so there’s no awkward posing during your bride and groom
portraits. If you want bride and groom portraits we’ll do very natural shots that hopefully
just show you two how you are together starting off your married life as a couple. So that’s lots about me but your wedding day is all about the two of you. So if you like my photography and you think that I can produce
the sorts of photos that you want to look back on in 10. 20, 30, 40 years time then do give me a call and we’ll have a chat about your wedding and what you want to achieve and what’s really important to you about the day. And then if we think we’re a good fit for one another, we’ll take it from there. Thanks very much for listening and hopefully
I’ll speak to you soon.

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