Washington DC, round two

Hello and good morning everyone from the Lincoln Memorial I am here once again for sunrise and I will probably be here tomorrow again Because I don’t know many places around here that could be good for sunrise It’s beautiful around here, there are just way too many people You are limited to just a few angles and what you can do here Also, you can’t put your tripod down everywhere you want It’s limiting in that sense, but I think it’s beautiful and even though a lot of people have already made these images before I still have fun trying to find my own twist here Going multiple times to the same places is the only way to get to know them So I came here knowing a little bit more than I knew yesterday And when I come back tomorrow, I’ll know even more I’ll be looking for different shots, different compositions and after 3 mornings here I hope that I can end up having 2-3 very good images That’s the good thing about having some time at one location you can really explore it and take full advantage of it This time that I have here at this location is great for my photography because it gives me more chances to create more images It’s not so great for the videos because they might get repetitive But it is what it is, and this channel is all about my journey in photography to show you what I do and how I do it, and this is what I’m doing now Coming back to the same location because I think it’s the one that has the most potential around here Today’s much better than yesterday, there are no ripples at the reflection pool I was able to capture the image that I wanted to capture yesterday here with a no so long exposure I think they were just 6-8 seconds, and just because it was dark It’s pretty much overcast, which helps with the background yesterday was partly cloudy and the clouds were kind of ugly Today is a much better day The sunrise is pretty much over The color is gone, and now we are gonna be left with Hopefully a overcast day even though there are some clears there in the clouds, we’ll see what happens here Also, the hotel had the coffee out this morning, unlike yesterday That’s making me feel much, much better. This little detail is great. This is Constitution Gardens, I’m set up here I am not totally convinced about this composition, but I think it’s worth a try I’m taking a long exposure, 2 minutes here The Sun is still rising behind the monument, which is great because that’s going to create a silhouette and no details on the monument That’s what I’m going for, at least I don’t know if they are mad at me or what There is also no one here, which is nice Today is Labor Day, September 2nd We’ve been told many times since we got here that we’d have fewer people this weekend because of Labor Day I always thought that it’d be the opposite Having a holiday would make people travel or get out to these monuments more Looks like they were right and yeah, it’s nice, I’m not going to complain What I’m doing now, I’m going a little bit wider, I’m trying to capture an overall nice long exposure but making that Washington Monument a little bit smaller and to the side making it less obvious so it comes more as a surprise to whoever is looking at the photo they don’t know beforehand what they are looking at That’s something I like doing, something that I should do more often If you remember from the video where I showed you the photo books that I have, my collection I have one by Joel Sternfeld where he plays with that, with very little details small in the frame, placed on the sides of the frame, that actually make the images they were already good, nice images to look at, but when you you find out about those little details, when you discover them, it makes it much even better I know this is not exactly the same but it’s a similar concept I am getting very lucky with these clouds because it’s not as pretty just above me but it’s really beautiful there on the Washington Monument direction because of the Sun that is still rising there as I said It makes for a beautiful background I’m trying to take advantage of it That was pretty cute, I never had a squirrel so close to me These ones are pretty used to it Oh, I forgot to show you what I got, I got a pouch fro the RX100 Hopefully I stop dropping it everywhere So I just saw the World War II Memorial, the DC War Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial the Martin Luther King Memorial, I was going to walk to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial but it’s a lot of memorials and this one is under construction, looks like I’m gonna call this a morning I’m back at the hotel, as you can see, it’s already nighttime I decided to take the rest of the day off, I didn’t make a single image this afternoon Actually, I’ve been working on the images that I’ve been taking these last few days because I hadn’t had a chance to do so Oh, thank you. Is that for me? But that’s really hot That’s my tea, it’s very hot I was saying, I’ve been working on some of the images that I’ve made these days in Chicago and here in DC But tomorrow, I’m gonna be out again for sunrise So see you out there

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