ahhhhhh we caught you red handed!! This is so bad *Intro Music* huh? *echo* Wooooooooooooooo Good morning Jake Paulers What the flip… is going on baby? *Excited yell* So today was absolutely insane One of my favorite pranks yet You guys are going to love this We caught Chance red handed guys I can’t believe but before that all happen I’m going to narrate today for you let me do that for you let me do that for you So this morning started out white yeezys very rare This morning started out with me going to a photo shoot baby Because I’m a model brooooo! Kinda. not really a model. Check it Are you jumping in this photo shoot? He doesn’t have what it takes to be a model. Does he? *Muffled* He got? Yeah I’m in Let me see your abs Dang!! Oh! You can photoshop right? It’s Hollywood everything is fake Facetune *Music* Alright Jake Paulers We are literally in the middle of this photo shoot right now And they were like yo why don’t you vlog while taking pictures of you because you are a vlogger And I’m like out here and this is literally going to be in the photo shoot It’s for a magazine 26 Magazine yo we are out here fam doing it big How are they looking? I’m not really a model But I am an actor bro So I don’t know Yo I’m going I’m going shirtless for this So I have to get a swoon on I want to be sexy I want to be sexy Am I sexy? So sexy I am tired Is that sexy? It’s so sexy Is that sexy? so sexy so sexy *Music* Whoaa! Jake Paulers we have finished the photo shoot baby We are downtown right now Let’s keep killing it today bro! Capture some vibes for me Jake *Music* Whoa Jake Paulers we just got to another photo shoot but this one is with Team 10 baby It’s about to be lit We have a busy day ahead of us still Stay tune you dont’ want to miss this stuff Baby *Music* Mom you aren’t on Team 10 Mom You said anybody No I’m not leaving Did you sign the contract? Nick! Nick did she sign the contract? Yeah Did you guys? Anothony: Surpise!! Yay! Is that real? Yeah we are shooting for for her merch She gets her own merch What the **** Are you excited for the Team 10 photo shoot Show them pearly white boy Hey Get in there Now my mom is my mom is that a joke He is the biggest star *Music* Say Donald Trump Martinez Twins: Donald Trump We got. You got it right? Yeah Wrong Hey chill fam chill fam Yo my boy is a beast Swing it Swing it Jake Pose He is giving the Jake pose You just are a cute little young star Look at you you don’t even know it yet You just think it’s a camera No it’s the Jake Paulers Can’t reach I’m sorry I got a replacement get out there Kade you got him? Yep he is cuter get out okay you got it You are a star More attitude Okay too much attitude Too much attitude You need to be a little still More A little bit more still Let me get your hair Stay still Okay you got your hair He got his hair Okay flex the abs the abs That’s your arm okay now he is No Alright he’s done Alright Ben We need to sell some Merch you know You are cute so they will buy the Merch if you wear it I need you to put this on and go in front of the camera okay? It has the tag Yeah it’s brand new Go put it on Or I’m going to kick you off Team 10 No you not Called my bluff yo this kid is a savage Good job You should give me a size 5 No that that’s good You just have to hit the weight room Look the gym is right there Yeah he has to get the gains right? Gains Gains It’s your time Okay stand there Ben We are going to sell a lot of Merch okay? Thanks Buddy This is your time Ben Everyone has a secret weapon And this is ours *Laughing* He’s done Good job Everyone around of applause *Clapping* Where did he go? I don’t know He is so LA He is like yo I’m in I’m out I have stuff to do He needed more money if he was going to take anymore photos Well I’m mean We haven’t even paid him So I’m saying so Hollywood of him Alright Mom We are going to play a game okay? It’s called Jake or Logan I’m going to ask you a question And you have to answer it Jake or Logan Who’s taller? Logan Who weighs more? Logan Who’s hair is blonder? Yours Who likes cars Jake Who do you like more? Jake I mean Logan *Screaming* Yo Martinez is decked out Look at this **** Look at oh oh oh I have joggers? Oh you didn’t know that I had joggers? I literally need to cop every pair Bro you didn’t know I had joggers? Look at that Jake Paul signature Those are hot boy Wait Oh black oh I have black too Oh my gosh I’m going to call Donald Trump right now and get you a VISA China Thank You There it is *Muffled* How does Tessa do it? Exactly like that Yeah, more more More booty Boobs out butt out There you go Dad Merch all in the bio buy that s**t now Oh yeah Nick! Now put your leg up Yeah like that Oh yeah Oh my god bro it’s so good It’s so good Woahh Yeah it’s me I’m back again I narrated You thought you lost me for a second And now I’m flipping back So we finished up the photo shoot with Team 10 And we decided to get swole Fam Because we lift bro *Music* Oh! And stay down! Bi**h Get ’em Ben Get ’em Yeahhh!! Woahhhh Hey guys we can juggle too Commercial Break We are athletic Commercial Break *Music* You don’t know this vlog life I’m Dead. I wanna get food! Let me get some food *Muffled* I’ma get food And then The Epitome if today. The Focal point of today The prank on Chance So basically, as you guys know, I kind of explain this a lot but basically, Chance is always Disappearing, at night and we don’t know where he goes. So we decided to catch a red handed because we know he weakness is girls Roll the clip *Pen hitting desk*

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