Wedding Photography Melbourne – How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer?

Your wedding photographer is part of a small
group of people that you are going to spend the most time with you your wedding day. You
are engaging someone who is essentially a stranger and welcoming them into your life
for what is arguable one of the most important and emotionally valuable days of your life.
So it’s super important that you choose a photographer that you feel comfortable with,
that’s not going to stress you out and that you are happy to work with on the day. You will always know your photographer is
there, but my approach is to be inconspicuous but present – unobtrusive but on the ball,
you’ll never find me in peoples way. I like to make my footprint as small as possible.
I have an understated style of communication and minimalist approach. I like to blend in.
The benefit of this approach is that people that I am photographing feel comfortable and
relaxed quickly. This gives me greater access and allows me to get natural, candid photos.
One of my core beliefs is that wedding photography should revolve around your day – your day
should not revolve around the photography. Personality is one of the most important things
you should consider when choosing a photographer – you really want someone who is going to
make your day enjoyable. Always check you are viewing the work of the
particular photographer who will be photographing your wedding. At Creatography, I will personally
photograph your wedding, I will edit and retouch all your photographs. I will conduct your
album planning session. I will be here to help you at every step of your journey and
to make sure you have an awesome experience. Thanks for watching. If you would like to
find out more, please visit our website by clicking the link below.

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