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– Hello everybody, today I would like to talk about wedding timeline. I’m Edinburgh based wedding photographer and I have photographed
almost hundred weddings and I hope this studio’s
gonna give you a little bit better idea of how to
plan your wedding day, what to do when and how
long things might take on your wedding day as well. So I hope you’re gonna enjoy this video. So guys you got recently engaged. Congratulations, awesome. Big day’s coming. A lot of planning is happening, probably a lot of excitement too. I’m looking for vendors,
photographers, florists, venues et cetera, et cetera. So today I will gonna walk
you through a little bit of a timeline. The idea of this video
comes purely few days ago. I go on other meeting with a couple and I always walk through
the timeline with them, you know during the meeting from A to zed. When what is gonna happen, how long is it gonna take and this normally it gives
quite few aha moments for a couples who didn’t realize how much various things
might take time to do. So I will gonna just walk you through, from your prep maybe through
out the evening part. Might be quite comprehensive video today. But I hope it’s gonna help you to plan your wedding day better. Bridal preparation, the morning part. It’s always fun for
girls, a lot is happening. I’d normally myself, I do
quite a documentary style wedding photography
during the morning part, un-intrusive, apart of doing like a bridal headshots, beautiful full body pictures, maybe some of the family pictures and all girls together but a part of that is pretty relaxed part of the day. This is probably the part of the day which is one of the, I don’t want to say most and crucial part but quite important. The reason being if your morning part is preparations are late and
you’re late for your church or a venue, the rest
of the day most likely is gonna go late too. So for me it’s quite
important to get a message across to couples, let’s try
to be on a time in the morning. Okay five, 10 minutes, is
fine, 15 minutes late is okay. That’s absolutely fine
but when we get like into half an hour late, things like that, then things start to kinda
spiral during the day. So morning preparation, and I always say if you have to be let’s say, 12:00 o’clock at the church or a venue for a ceremony, I would like you to be ready almost, I would say 45 minutes prior that. Reason being is very simple, 45 minutes would give me enough time to have a nice portrait of you, nice full body shots done with you. Portraits with your girls, family, mom, dad entering, and most likely, your
hair and makeup people might be a little bit behind anyway. So that gives me a little
bit leeway to play with. The last thing what I would
like to happen on a wedding morning probably is five minutes before you need to leave, wedding
coordinator standing and waiting for you and the hair and
makeup people say like “Hey, we’re done.” Five minutes before
that and I have no time to create your bridal portrait. There are photographers who are more doing unplugged weddings
where there is no posing or anything like that happening which is absolutely fine
in that case scenario. But I do want to give my
brides nice headshots. Nice pictures of getting ready part. Nice photos with the mom and dad. This would be very
important down the line. And well, at least in my opinion. So I always say 45 minutes prior would be nice if you’re ready. And make sure you do tell this to your hair and makeup company. Let’s talk about logistics on the day. This is quite an interesting
part of the wedding day as well, how long it takes
to get from place to place, driving and getting to maybe to the church from the church and things like that. This is quite often
overlooked part as well and actually during my last meeting, that was quite a big part of the day. They have to travel an hour to the church, an hour back and things like that. And unfortunately if you
have planned your ceremony, let’s say quite late in the
afternoon on a winter time, you might not be able
to get back to the venue to get those creative couple pictures and outdoors and things like that because it’s simply gonna be too dark. So I normally would say,
look make a good calculation of how long it takes to get to the church, how long is the reception,
the ceremony time, and then what happens after that. If you do create any
portraits at the church or doing group photos at the church, make sure your venue knows that and you can plan out your timeline a little bit better for that. And then you have some time also obviously to get back to the venue. And so it’s quite good to
walk through step by step how long it takes to get
there, get there, get there and give a little bit five minutes or so here and there for you to play with so your photographer should be able to walk you through that as well and they normally have pretty good idea how long it would take to get
those family pictures done, how long it would take the any
creatives maybe at the church to be done and things like that. But logistics probably is quite important to talk about it too. The ceremony part is generally
you have your half an hour or a church wedding is kind of
you’re like 45 minutes or so so, there is not so much
where we can do about that. We just normally try to turn up on a time. Get the things done. I know enough to that we just move through through the next stage of the day. I’m talking about the next stage where we’ll be here in your reception time. Now this is kinda like a
funny, funny time of the day and I always ask couples
how they want to plan their ceremony time. So normally you’re giving,
as a standard type of venues, you’re normally giving
you’re an hour and a half so and I normally try to
split this up in three parts. I would say 30 minutes
creatives, your portraits. 30 minutes, you see your
guests and the 30 minutes we do your family photos. So it depends how many
family photos you have or how much you need to walk around during your creative photos. You might be considering if you need anymore maybe extra time
or you might say to them to the venue coordinators, “Look, you know “while you are seating the guests, “we might still be away for some creatives “or things like that.” So, it’s quite important
to plan this part as well. And I actually say, look, your family portraits, all those for most, that will be very
important part of the day ’cause longer we take for
creating your family pictures, less time you have with
me for your own portraits. If you have hired nice venue, nice grounds and maybe going to the beach and things like that, you do want to capture that. You probably would not want to
stand during the group photos all this time and then just
have some time with your guests and that’s your done enough to the dinner. You might not have time
actually to do that ’cause the light might be too dark or this and that, meeting evening guests. So it’s quite important
to plan out how many group photos you’re gonna have. For your formals I normally
recommend yourselves to organize this so bride
and groom would sit down and just kinda like find out okay this is how many we’re gonna have and I always say roughly
three minutes per group. So when you make your list,
you’re roughly gonna know how much time it’s gonna take. So let’s say you plan your 10 groups, it’s a half an hour. Obviously can be done quicker
if we are very efficient. If we get maybe some helpers
throwing up people for us and things like that but
you know that after ceremony please try to kinda like plan those group photos. Make sure you know, you’re
on the ball with that. And then for your creatives, it depends how long you’re taking, how far you’re walking
away, what you’re doing things like that. But I normally count like 20 to 30 minutes to get nice couple shots. Maybe get some bridal
party pictures outside and things like that. It depends on the weather
and the rest of the time, you can enjoy it with your guests. And we just do like some
candids of your guests, the little groups and things like that. Talking about the creative
part during the day day time that’s when we go
away and take your portraits. I work a little bit in a different way. I never stay long time in one location. I move very rapidly. I try to create as many as possible, creative portraits of
yourselves within your venue. My assistants actually very
often are quite surprised how fast I move on a day. I don’t tend to stay,
like let’s stay 10 minutes in this spot and then
move there and move there. I actually go to this
spot, get my pictures. Assistants are with me who
get the kind of pictures and I would spend like three, three minutes or so in one spot and we just move on move on, keep walking getting through the pictures. That gives me a great
variety of the shots. It’s not all the same. And a couples love,
love this kind of stuff. And you’ll be talking a lot
amongst yourselves as well. This is gonna be the time
when you’re gonna actually first time will be able
to talk with each other about the day, about the
morning, whatever happening things like that so, you’re also gonna be pretty
relaxed at this point. Kind of like okay the almost
official part is done, part of the speech is
coming for you grooms. So maybe brides too. But part of that you’re kinda like this is pretty chilled out and
fast moving part of the day. But yes, I’m not one
of those photographers who spend a lot of time in one spot. So evening part, after you had your meal. Evening part is very very relaxed always. I normally stay ’til around 10:00 o’clock so I have plenty of time
between that 7:00 o’clock ’til 10:00 o’clock to get
few more creative portraits of yourselves and those creative portraits normally within all, quite low light. I either, might have sparklers with me. Maybe some smoke grenades,
something like nice and creative, funky to do. Or we, if that’s a summertime,
we might just pop out to the beach or some a
catch nice evening light or something like that just to do some few more creative
pictures of you guys and you might want to get out
anyway to have some fresh air. Kind of like get ready
for that evening dancing, in the mood. Meet your evening guests
and things like that but generally this part is pretty relaxed. I never really worry too much
what happens between your food and evening buffet. So there is always kinda
like, we get the cake cutting. You get the first dance. But there is very very rarely
that there is a set time when this is gonna happen unless you know of course if you have a band
and who wants to kick off at a specific time then of
course, I’ll be on the ball make sure you are there. We’re not taking too long
and things like that. So guys, I hope this gave
you a little bit idea of your timeline and how to plan the day and important parts of the day which you need to pay attention to. So if you have any questions, comment on the video or send me an email or something like that. It was nice to have you
around and thank you very much for watching and I look forward to share more videos with you soon. Thank you bye bye.

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