Wedding Videographer Template from Wix – Web Design – Tutorial (Part 1 of 2)

Hello everyone, welcome to the Webmaster
Academy. I’m Michael Wood your Wix Certified Trainer and I’m going to be
taking you on a tour through this brand-new Wix template for wedding
videographers. It’s also for filmmakers or even…special event
companies companies who like to film people’s important, precious moments
through video and if you are a filmmaker, or videographer, or wedding videographer,
you’re going to want to know how to use this template. We’re going to integrate
Wix video and some other back-end magic to make this super simple to update and
to show off your work and to get new customers which is really what a great
automated website should be doing for you, right? So let’s go ahead and get
started with the wedding videographer template from Hello everyone, thank you for joining me
on this exciting tour through this brand-new template and I’m going to not
only show you around the template but I will give you some tips and tricks to
customize this template for your own brand, business, or service…If you’d like to know more details about anything that I talked about in
this video, check out our website at That’s an online
school where I will teach you how to go from concept: just pencil and
paper, all the way to an automated website and all the steps that go in between
and how to use design principles to make your website stand out. We’ll talk about
artificial design intelligence, how to make websites quickly, and make them
stunning for yourself, for your business, or for others. Hey, make money making
websites for other people. Check us out at the Webmaster Academy. All right, let’s
get into this template. So I have this editor open because I really
want to show you the magic of this template by going to the template
directly. I just wanted a quick reload, so check it out. I’m going to
reload the page and I wanted you to see the video in motion. So as you can see
right here the video does take a quick second and
there’s a little pause right there but it really shows off the excellent
videography of this potential videographer. So you would obviously
replace this with your own looping video and again I’ll show you some
tricks on how to integrate that into Wix at the end. As you could see, it is titled
the cinematic wedding videographer/ videography and you could change that of
course to YOUR title. Up here in the top left hand corner is the eMotions, it’s
the logo that your company or business or service would use. If I click on the
logo, it just takes us to the top of the home page right here. It also has a
static menu over here on the left and some people have been asking about how
to create this static template . Well I’ll tell you one quick trick is just to use
this template and the menu’s already built-in, right? But for those who want to
know how to make their own side menu I’ll go under the hood later on in this
video. So as you can see, you have a lot of color coming around, sort of framing
this video player. Let’s go ahead and scroll down…now the first call to
action is to “get an estimate”. When I hover my mouse over the button, it lights
up, and it asks the customers to get an estimate on their project. There’s a… white strip here this tells you a little bit about
themselves and it’s a good place to put some of the most important points right
here. Who are you, what are you all about, and another tab here or strip showing
the services. So in this particular template. We have three services: proposal
videos, wedding day videos, and love story videos. If you haven’t thought about
doing one of these and you are a wedding videographer, hey that was free. I just
gave you some great ideas right there. Obviously
whatever service you provide you can divide this up into three major services
that you do. The call the action would be to “get an estimate” so it’s good to
have that consistent call to action throughout your site. Then of course
their portfolio, right? This is really important. If your a videographer you got
to show your stuff. And a lot of times you can get permission from past
projects that you’ve done or, hey, offer a little discount and ask them if…ask the
people that you did the special event for if you could showcase some of their
event on your website and give them a little discount. That can go a long
way. If I press the play button, this is a built-in player. So as you can see, right there, it has
full sound. Video plays right there in the player. They can go fullscreen if
they want to…wow that just filled up that screen and they could exit the full
screen very easily there. Scroll down here…remember
one of their services was to make proposal videos and this is where those
would live. So what these are, these are playlists. So there’s the wedding-day
ones or the proposal videos and then there’s a love-story videos. So what you have is three different
services with three different examples. There’s this little drag button. If
I click on that, you get info about this particular channel. Now this doesn’t..
channels in Wix video don’t work necessarily like YouTube channels, OK?
Channels are more like a playlist. Think of it like a playlist. So you might
have one account on Wix video, but you might have three different channels: a
love stories channel, a proposal video channel, and a wedding day video channel.
By having three different channels you could showcase the different types
of projects that you do. The person can get more information about the channel
and they could share the channel on their social media networks. well if I
click on the share button there are five social links with four social media
channels there there’s a Facebook a Twitter Pinterest and Tumblr and you
could just get the link and then send that out to your lead or email list
click the X to close out of that menu so that’s a nice little mini menu that’s
built on top of the player very cool and then there’s some great testimonials
here this is a black and white and you have the names down there at the bottom
there’s three circles down here underneath the testimonial and that is
the navigation and tells the person that you have different slides that are
happening here at the footer you have the copyright and the information about
who made the website I’m going to scroll up this is the home page and as you
could see in a lot of modern design long scrolling home pages tend to be the
trend in these 2018 2017 years and that is because of the prevalence of mobile
device and things like iPads coming and onto
the scene where people are looking at a website on a device that tends to be
vertical and so it’s very easy for them to use their finger and scroll through
the site so having a long homepage just makes sense it doesn’t make as much
sense anymore to have all kinds of navigation buttons
because buttons tend to not be as friendly on mobile devices now there are
some buttons here of course those are things you should have but the interface
is mostly through scrolling then we have an about page right here
so this is actually an anchor and that’s this going to take you to part on the
home page and then there is the services part right here on the services this
again jumps to a place on the home page and then there is the portfolio and
again that takes you to a place on the home page testimonials this Scrolls all
the way down and then the contact button over here on the top right that actually
takes you to a different page so the contact page is the only separate page
than the home page and on the contact do you have your information and then a
little box where people can send you a message when someone uses this box and
sends you a message Wix automatically collects their name and email into their
database so when they send you a message you’re also able to collect a lead from
them and it also helps them to send you a message without having to leave your
website you can also get an estimate you can book a consulting meeting and here
you have the bukit button they can get that consultation right here now that
uses a difference service call wicks bookings but what’s
nice is people can check out your portfolio and then book a consultation
with you where they would get their estimate right so it’s the consultation
that’s really gonna drive customers to you all of this can happen automatically
and in the background so that’s the template very simple but everything you
need is there now what we’re going to do is go under the hood and I’ll show you
how to customize this site before I do that let me just check the chat room see
if anybody has any questions at this time so far so good
all right if you guys do have any questions or comments feel free to leave
them there and go ahead and give me a heart alike let me know what you think
about this template I really like to know you know what you guys think about
this so then I know you know which templates to continue to show you so
just let me know just either through comments or a little emoticon if you’re
using a Facebook live just let me know what you think about this cinematic
wedding videography template from Wix are you guys ready to go under the hood
all right let’s go I’m now going to the Wix editor which
asks you to come up with a name to save your site you always want to save your
work so don’t worry about breaking anything you can always go back to the
original template if everything just went wrong but I’m here to help you so
things shouldn’t go wrong right okay here’s the strip so on the first home
page on this home page the first thing we see are strips and you could see that
this whole home page is built using strips I did a video at the academy that
talks specifically about this design concept so if you want to know more
about why and how to build a site using stackable strips check out that video at
the academy it’s in the 2:01 web design series class where I talk about the use
of strips so here’s the strip which background color is the same color as
the header and that gives you this seamless experience let’s jump back
let’s just do a preview let’s jump back so you could see do you see where the
strip and the header are you don’t right it’s very it’s very seamless but they
are two separate components and to prove a point let’s go ahead and click on the
strip let’s change the strip background we can use a color an image or a video
let’s use a color here we’ll just change it to blue and let’s go to preview and I
just wanted you to see how the strip is different than the header but as they had it they had it as the
same exact color which created that seamless look you can also replace this
strip with an image and you can go to you could upload your own image
Wix has thousands of free images let’s do this
Italian village right here and doesn’t that give it a different feel let’s go
ahead and do a preview you know using the little Italian
village definitely gives it a different feel to it and then what I could do is
go to this image click on change strip background we’re then going to go to
settings now I’m going to change this to parallax but watch what happens let’s do
a preview and now when I scroll through the site it seats a lot smoother the
background just kind of stays steady and then everything seems to be layered on
top it’s almost say like a three-dimensional effect okay so that’s
a really neat look if you want to just kind of change the background make it a
little more alive and if you want this this strip to basically show in your
header there’s a little trick to doing that you go into the header design we’re
going to change the design and we’re going we’re going to say no color so the
header actually has no color at all the background of the site is white now I’m
going to take this strip and what we will do is we will try to extend it all
the way into the header now let’s do a preview and now the header and the strip are one
and the same because we took the color out of the header and we only see the
background which we clicked and dragged across it so now it gives you this nice
sort of parallax effect this nice landscaping effect for your site so
that’s a really nice trick just to maybe bring out the website a little bit more
let’s change the header because it’s hard to see obviously if you made this
kind of change you would have to then change the logo and the buttons so that
way you could see them better however another little trick let’s go ahead and
change the header design instead of no color what we could do is maybe just
adjust the transparency a little bit will do as instead of no color we can just kind
of do maybe black with a black transparency
or we could do a white transparency which I recommend if you’re doing more
of an elegant site you want to do white transparencies let’s do a preview so now
you get the beauty of that photograph and you get the header it’s a little bit
of the best of both worlds just by adjusting the transparency there I work a lot with color and text at the
201 course at the webmaster Academy if you want to know more about doing things
like changing the text to match the colored background because you always
want to make sure your text stands out so that are that’s the homepage the top
of the homepage let’s go into the video so what I would do is I click on the
player which by the way I can adjust okay we can make this smaller bigger
there’s no preset sizes you just size it now do you see this dotted line coming
down this hash lines going from top to bottom and there’s one on the left right
here and then there’s one on the right and those are your guidelines where if
your website were to be on a tablet a phone or an iPad those are sort of your
boundaries so you don’t want your video necessarily to go past it if you want
them to see all of the video if you’re doing a full screen video background
that’s different right then it doesn’t matter it could go sched to edge much
like this photograph is doing but for your central pieces you want to stay
within these borders so if you want you could take this video and basically
stretch it and go from edge to edge if you want to showcase your video a little
bit more and the text will just sit right on top
of it go ahead and do a preview so you see we made the video bigger and
the text just sits nicely right there there’s no controls on this video
because it’s not meant to be watched like you would watch a video on YouTube
it’s just a showcase it’s a it’s a loop so there’s no video controls on it
and I’ll go into the menu so you could see how he did that just going to Center the
square a little bit better there okay let’s go ahead and look at the design so
if I go into the design of the of the player first of all I could pick a cover
image that goes on top and it’s good to pick an image from your video but you
can pick any image you want so you get to pick the thumbnail that’ll be there
we can adjust and put a pattern overlay and what this does is this can give
various overlay effects just so your text could stand out if you have text
that’s over it you could even do really some crazy wacky overlays here I’m really crazy overlays so really you
want to pick the one that matches your style there’s a little I eyes open and shut so
it’s very interesting over lazier well that one that one might hurt your
eyes okay so that is a pattern overlay and the purpose of the overlays mostly

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