What’s Hiding Inside This Google Pixel Case?

all right so you guys know by this point I’m a huge fan of wireless charging right the arguments always exist down in the comments because that’ll get it won’t you want wireless charging Lou oh you can do with the cable its way faster USB type-c quick charge charge it up i’m always charged up what about when I’m lying in bed blue and want to be charging and watching the same time and I like cables and cables and wires just so good you got a point I’m not saying it’s for everybody it’s just for me i charged up at night when i’m sleeping and then I charging my desk here and that’s it those are the only two places a charge and i love the luxury of just dropping down my phone so you’ve seen in the past i showed you with the iphone 7 how to add wireless charging to it after the fact since manufacturers don’t seem to like wireless charging right now I don’t know maybe somebody needs to get behind and get motivated maybe it’s me maybe I need to start making some wireless charged cases so i don’t have to be over here like some kind of macgyver hacking this stuff together so anyway with the iphone i found a way to make it happen but now i’ve been using a pixel excel for a while in front of me right now so what I did in the case of the iphone is I found a case that was a dual layer style so that I could cut out the interior section and put the wireless charging receiver in that area while keeping a phone flushing it works pretty well I did find this one from spigen which is a two-layer so I’m going to try to do in this video is take one of these USB type-c wireless receivers and embed it in the middle section here in between both layers it’s a DIY I’ve got a cheat charger over here it works flat but then you can lift it up like this and has a little base on it so it’s simply drop it on in charge listen I’ve been on his wireless ran for a while if at this point in your life you’re not going to understand why dropping something down on the surface is easier than doing this I can’t help you at this point because I got these charge pads all over the place now I’m invested and so let’s go ahead and see if we can do this a bunch of excitement this back shell on this speed in case is made out of plastic it’s pretty thick so might be an issue this wireless charging receiver patch 5 volt 1000 million powers yes it’s not as fast as wire charger but again it just sits there is your sleeping one thing I like it’s a pretty big receiver essentially going to sit on the back so that should actually work now what my plan is on this one from the back here and then maybe I’ll cut a little channel there so that it can get in there and up I don’t think that’s gonna get pinched too hard you know see this way you’re getting his bulge little bit fall g the purpose of this let’s see if it even works ok drop it on boom charging logo up top boom charging logo but I’m not too happy with the way that it is i think the real move here is to cut a channel in here that it can pass through so i got my trusty blade here don’t try this at home children take some cardboard or something ok cool that should do it ok there it is look so it did work the way i hope i don’t know if you could pick that up check but i have to do is kind of slide it down see that they’re into the spot pull back on it to make it fit I may have solved your pixel problems and then clip it down it’s a lot less bulgy now you see Jack does it still work the way i want lay it down boom charging I’d say that’s a pretty good makeshift solution there one day I’m gonna make my own case I’m just going to go to China and solve this problem once and for all but I haven’t done it yet so in the meantime I’m gonna keep being MacGyver I think this solution works pretty well I looked around at different potential cases that might work well this is pretty much the best i could find if you want to do this your pics i’ll link the components down in the description of this video but the same principle would apply to any other phone I’m trying to wireless charge the world and guys if we don’t pick up the slack right now they’re going to stop making it somebody’s gotta push the movement forward I know it’s not a hundred percent perfect yet but how else are we gonna get there

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