What’s in my CAMERA BAG 2019? Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II

– Hey, how’s it going everyone? My name is Joe Allam. I’m a travel photographer based in London. Currently, I’m in Tokyo and
I’ve just got two days left of a very long trip here. We’ve been out here for
around four months or so. Been filming an awful lot.
Even did a trip to America in between, and now all of
that content is coming soon, but before that, I thought
I’d run through what’s in my camera bag and all of the
gear that I’ve kinda brought with us on this trip for the most part. I’m gonna keep mentioning
“we”, by the way, because I do travel with Elly. Elly is currently behind the camera and she’s gonna be doing some
of the B Roll stuff as well. (upbeat music) So, of course, let’s
start with the bag itself. This is the Lowepro
Protactic BP 450 AW II. What a mouthful. See this is the Mark II of
the previous backpack I had, which is the Protactic I. That, I have to say, is
the only bag I’ve ever had for camera equipment that I
have never complained about. That is a sign of a good bag. So Lowepro reached out
to me and they said, “do you want the upgraded one?” , and I was like, “yeah, of course”. So this is the upgraded one. There’s only a few differences to it. I’d say it’s just refinements, really. Yeah, it’s a great bag. I love it. So, it’s pretty heavy
when it’s full by the way. I’d say when we travel and
I use it as my carry-on, I’m usually pushing at
around 11, 12 kilos or so, when it’s got my Mac in there as well. Of course, I don’t travel
everywhere, on the day to day, with all of the equipment. This is just kind of
like, the max gear I carry on the plane going between locations. So the video you’re currently
watching is being filmed with the Panasonic Lumix GH5S. Now this is a camera that
has been loaned to me from Panasonic. They’re a
current sponsor of the channel, and it’s been great having two
cameras to go about filming. This is the camera that
Elly has been carrying and using, kinda primarily,
as, I guess, like, the B Roll cam, and if
we’re doing nighttime stuff, ’cause this is amazing in low light. But for me, my main vlogging camera, which sits in the top of my camera bag, is the Panasonic GH5. Currently,
this has got the 42.5mm Nocticron 1.2 lens. This actually usually sits on the GH5S. The lens currently on the
GH5S is the 12-60mm ƒ/2.8-4. As a combination, using
the 12-60mm and the GH5, the stability is incredible. Honestly, the most stable camera
I have ever used handheld. It’s perfect for vlogging. The ergonomics, I have
zero complaints about. I really enjoy shooting
with these cameras. You’ll see that I’ve
got this in a cage setup and I use the Rode VideoMic Pro+ with a wind filter almost permanently on, and we’ve got a dual audio system. I’ve actually made a video
dedicated entirely to the setup of this and how this dual audio works, but essentially speaking, it
allows me to film outwardly, capture audio from the front. Use a little flexi-mic here
to capture audio from behind so you don’t get any
of that muffled noise. All in a cage so you can
just add the extra stuff, and so that the strap is
on this side rather than on the top, getting in
the way of the microphone. This is a stellar camera for
filmmaking. The only downsides to it are the low light
performance is pretty bad, and the autofocus can be questionable. But anyway, this is my vlogging
camera flip-out screen. It’s just great. This sort of grip is a new edition. So previously I used to
use the Manfrotto PIXI, which is kind of, like,
a little bit plastic-y and probably no quite up
to the right weight grade for this camera. I went through them at a rates of about one every five months or so. They just kept on flopping
out and going weak and stuff. So, I’ve invested about four
times the price of a PIXI, which, I guess, in my terms
is two years worth of PIXIs, into this, and I don’t actually
know how to pronounce this. (muttering) Kermit the Frog. It’s the Hey Sirui 3T-15K.
It’s an all metal mini-tripod. What I like about it is
it’s got a quick attachment rather screwing directly
into the tripod thread like the PIXI was. Got a nice ball head on here but, mainly, it is a solid camera. There is no flexing or loss of friction with this camera. It can extend out into a
regular tripod or even wider with the twist of the grip. Probably the most vital
piece of equipment, beyond a microphone,
because audio, in my eyes, takes over from my ears, is an ND filter. This is a, I believe, 2-8 stop ND. If you don’t know what an ND
Filter is, just think of them like sunglasses for your lens. It just reduces the light that
comes in, so that you’re able to shoot at the correct
shutter speeds for video. I’ve also got this on a Manfrotto Xume, which is a magnetic filter
thread attachment thing, and magnets are just
science magic. It’s so good. Alright, let’s run through
my photography setup. This is what has changed fundamentally since the last time I
did a camera bag video. If you’ve been watching
the channel for a while, you will know all about
my camera equipment, but it’s still kinda nice
to see it all in one place. If you haven’t already subscribed, I would definitely recommend you subscribe if you wanna see more photography videos, and all of this stuff
in this bag is featured in pretty much every vlog. So I cover a lot of travel related things but there’s always a photography focus. So my camera of choice is this.
This is the Fujifilm X-H1. The X-H1 is the first in Fuji’s lineup to have in-built
stabilization. They marketed it as a video focus camera but, for me, it is my photography camera.
I do, do a little bit of video with it, but generally speaking, I use it as a photography camera. In terms of the specs, it is
almost identical to the X-T2. Almost identical, there’s a
few improvements on things. Yeah, it’s kind of, it’s
a weird camera because, from a marketing perspective,
so many people looked over it. They thought, “no, I don’t wanna do video. “I don’t want video”, and they forgot that it’s a photography
camera, first and foremost. And I love it. It’s so good. I’m kind of a bit worried that
they’re gonna discontinue it because there are all sorts
of rumors and things happening at the moment. It’s a bit weird but, as a camera, I couldn’t
recommend this enough. It’s one of the most enjoyable
cameras I’ve ever used and, to me, usability far
outweighs any specs of anything. It’s all about how you use
it, how you connect with it, how does the camera make you
feel when you’re taking photos? For me, this camera makes me
wanna go out and take shots, and if it makes me go out and take shots, I’m gonna be taking more shots, therefore I will be getting better. The specs of a camera
don’t make me better. It’s the fact that I’m
going out, shooting more. So this is the X-H1, and I’ve got the 35mmF2 on here currently. This is a cracking lens. I’ve got a few different F2 varieties. So we’ve got the 23mmF2 and the 50mmF2. As a collection, all three
of these lenses are superb. They are so, so sharp.
They’re also incredibly small. They go all the way to F2,
so it’s pretty great for, you know, shallower depth of
field or nighttime shooting, and one of the best things about these is they are weather resistant. So I feel comfortable using
them in rain, in snow, in dusty conditions,
coupled with the X-H1, which is Fujifilm’s best
weather-sealed camera. I feel like I can shoot in
pretty much any condition with these. I really do love them. Ever since I fully changed to
Fujifilm, I’ve been, kind of, following the prime route,
except for this lens. This is the 50-140mmF2.8. I just can’t get enough of this zoom lens. So the 50-140mm, in terms if
lens quality and enjoyment, is definitely up there in
terms of the Canon 70-200mm. It is an amazing lens.
It is a stabilized lens. It goes all the way to ƒ/2.8.
It just covers so many needs. I do street stuff with this.
I do sports related things with this sometimes. I do nature things. It just covers so many grounds. There’s a camera in here that
you guys have absolutely loved on my channel, and it is this. This is the Fujifilm X100F.
I’ve had this camera for just about two years now and
I absolutely love it, and you guys seem to love it as well. Every single time this is
either in the thumbnail, in the title or just
somewhere in the video, that video gets so much more attention. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. But anyway, the X100F. This
is a fixed lens camera, so it’s got a 23mm on
here. You can’t change it. It has all of the love that
Fujifilm provide in all of their cameras. That’s one
thing I love about Fujifilm as a brand, is you can pick
up any of their cameras, and they work almost identically. You can just go from camera to camera and it’s the same experience,
and it’s an enjoyable one. It’s a really enjoyable experience. I have to be honest, it’s
kinda been the gateway drug into Fujifilm. Let’s speed through the rest of it now because we’ve got lots of
little trinkets in here and we’ve covered all
of the main camera gear. I forgot, there is one
other little camera in here, and that is this guy. This
is the DJI Osmo Pocket. This camera has been a game
changer. It is phenomenal. It’s become a camera that
literally sits in my pocket and is able to come out far quicker than any of my other cameras. So, for example, when I’m transitioning between
locations and I wanna get some extra footage on trains
or I just wanna do something in a smaller environment,
this little camera is 4k, and obviously it’s stabilized because it’s on this little
gimbal, it’s so good. I’ve got a couple of accessories
for it so, at the moment, this is a Polarpro Gimbal Lock. I find this is far more useful
to use than the regular case that comes with this. This was actually sent to
me by Polarpro so thanks for that guys. This is pretty great. And the filter on the
front. So I’ve got a set of three different filters. So we’ve got an ND4, an ND8 and an ND16, and the Polarpro filters,
they are really great quality. Along with the Osmo pocket, this is the DJI 3.5mm audio adapter. Plugs as in as USB-C under
the bottom of the camera. And this is a Saramonics mike, and it’s kind of like a bendy
one. It’s an omnidirectional. It could be a little bit
fragile, I must be honest there. It’s always great to
just have decent audio on your video gear. Let’s dive into some cleaning stuff. The standard sensor blower.
Everyone should have these in their camera bag. As soon
as you change the lenses, you’ve got stuff flying onto the sensor. Use this to just blow it
off. Get your lens on quick. This is a set of a Lenspens
to wipe off the lens itself or even your EVF. There’s
like a tiny little one that just gets right into
that little viewfinder. You don’t realize how dirty your stuff is until you clean it. I got a series of these
elasticated red whips from Think Tank. The amount of times that these have helped me just
rig something to something in a botched format but keep it secure. I’ve got a little Sharpie here. I’ve got the duct tape
just wrapped around, so it’s kinda doing two
jobs in one. You never know when you’re gonna need
duct tape but, likewise, you’re so glad to have
it when you do need it. This is the Peli case for memory cards. So this has a few different
slots in here for SD cards. So most of my memory cards are, kind of, in their various cameras at the moment, and I just employ a system
of having label facing out when it’s empty, label
facing in when they’re full and need to be imported. I’ve got a little wrist
strap in here from DSPTCH. I should point out, all
of the straps that I use on my cameras are from DSPTCH. On my X100F, this cord
strap is from DSPTCH, all of my others, they
are all interchangeable with the same adapter. And I recently went to
DSPTCH in San Francisco, met Rich there, who created the company, and he’s given me a few products
to kind of like, you know, just see how they work. It’s
kind of like just a wrist strap that would just fit into
the existing buckle design. I’ve always been in search of
a decent water bottle to carry around with me. This is, kind of like,
a foldable water bottle. What I liked about it is it’s
got this really solid cap. It just feels super sturdy.
You fill it up with water and it even stands upright. Slotted in here, I’ve got a
couple of rain ponchos, I guess, for my cameras. So these are from Op/tech. Yeah, you just kind of, like,
slot it over your camera, make a little hole for the eye piece and then the eye cup will
just kind of slot over. And it just protects from,
I’d say, normal rain. You’re not gonna be using
this in a heavy downpour, but for just, like, normal rain and stuff, you can access everything. So
it’s just great to have them in my bag, because I do
love shooting in the rain. The last item in here,
this is an Anker Powercore, I believe. It’s about a 10,000mAh. Comes in a nice little pouch, and it’s just got like
a matte finish to it. Just feels solid. In the turret top, this is
where I carry this pouch. So I just carry batteries
in here for my GH5, Fujifilm cameras. All of my
Fujifilms use the same batteries which is super useful, and as I’ve mentioned in
previous videos, what I like to do is put a loom band around my battery to say when it’s charged. It’s a very simple but
very quick way of telling which batteries need charging
and which ones don’t. Alright, we’re into the final stretch now. So in the lid of the camera
bag, we’ve got a couple of pouches. I carry a
collection of postcards. Now I use these postcards
kind of the same way that I would use business
cards but as a photographer. I wanna show you my photos, larger. So this is featuring a
photo from Kuala Lumpur. You may not be able to see but there is actually a
clear foil stamp on there. I think these are 400gsm. Here’s the kind of interesting one. This is just a Brewdog
International Passport of beer, bars and stuff. I like beer.
Drink a lot of beer. Go to a lot of Brewdog. Get your stamps. In the top pouch, I’ve
just got a few things. I’m not gonna go through all of them because they are literally,
like, the very odd bits and bobs and whatever. Got some Zeiss cleaning lens cloths. Every time I come to Japan, Elly’s grandpa gives me a handful of them. Although, this time he hasn’t.
Maybe it’s because he knows that I’ve still got hundreds of them. Further to that, in the top, I have this. This is my Fujifilm Professional
Services membership card. You can get expedited service
if anything ever goes wrong. And of course, the
biggest thing that’s not in this camera bag, but
is, like, totally vital, is insurance. If anyone’s interested,
I use Hiscox insurance. They are a business insurance
provider and they seem to work quite well for my needs. They’re not a photography
specific one but really, honestly, look into insurance for your camera gear. It just gives you so much
peace of mind knowing that your tools are protected. In the top bit there,
there’s just other crap. Let’s zip up the back. What’s also nice about
this bag is we’ve got some strapping attachments here that can go into the webbing. In the side, there is
a space for a tripod. I rarely carry a tripod. What I do carry with me
is a Manfrotto Super Clamp and Magic Arm setup. Again,
I’ve made another video on that, and I use that for
my timelapses and things. It’s so much smaller than
a tripod and it can clip and clamp everywhere. In this side compartment, I
just carry an empty tote bag. You never know if you’re
gonna get caught out having to do grocery shopping on
the way home from a shoot or something like that. You
don’t wanna use plastic bags. Just carry a tote bag with you. And, of course, it’s
not just for groceries, you may need it for, I don’t
know, like, wet clothes or something else. Round the other side, I
forgot this was in here. I’ve got a knife, fork and spoon. These have been in here
since the trip to Hawaii because I found out before
that Hawaii is terrible for single use cutlery.
Nah, don’t want that. Likewise, a metal straw. Useful to have. This is a new edition. So this is the multi-tool,
I believe it’s called, from SmallRig, designed for filmmakers. This has a variety of hex tools. Flat screwdriver but
in a very wide format, which is perfect for those
tripod plates that go on the bottom. And, of course, a regular
Phillips head screwdriver. So far, it’s been very useful. And in here, just carry a little KeepCup. I really love coffee. That’s what I use. This is a lens skirt. I use
this to stick onto the windows of, like, skyscrapers or
whatever when I’m shooting out of them doing time lapses. It allows you to get reflection-free shots. There are two more items that
I travel with in my suitcase and they come with me, occasionally. The first of which is the
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. I’ve got the Fly More Combo Kit. I’ve flown it a handful
of times. The restrictions on drone flying are just
getting tighter and tighter. There are less places that
you can fly it legally. Likewise, flying it responsibly. I’m not the type of person
to fly it over a city. Whether there are laws that
tell you, you can or can’t, I’m just not gonna fly
it over loads of people. I just don’t think that’s a good idea. Again, I bought a series of
PolarPro filters for this. ND32, 16, 8 and then 16, 8 and
4 with a polarizer as well. For those of you who are
gonna ask where the labels are from, these are using a Dymo label-maker. It’s just kinda like a
clicky-clacky, label-making machine. This is the DJI Ronin-S.
I would have to say, this is probably the best
single-grip stabilizer on the market, hands down. It does come at a cost though
because it is a heavy item. So, again, I don’t carry
it with me all the time. I usually transport it using
my main suitcase luggage. I just keep thinking of
more things to feature in this video, by the way. And it’s also just occurred
to me that I’ve not talked about the audio in this video. So I’m currently using the
Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 microphone, which is a wireless setup,
that’s currently running through a Mixpre-3, and that
is doing my audio recording off scene. That was actually given
to me from Sound Devices, as like a review unit, and I’ve
been doing a lot of testing over the last year, and
I’m hoping to share a lot of my thoughts and what I’ve
learnt with audio production in a video soon. So if you are interested in
that, make sure you do subscribe and let me know in the comments if that’s something you wanna see. And the light that I’ve got
off the side of the camera is an LED from Aputure.
It’s incredibly bright. It’s sometimes too bright. In fact, I’ve actually got it
triple diffused at the moment, and I just looked right at it,
and it’s really bright now. Okay, I’m looking around, I
think I’ve covered everything. So I appreciate this
has been a long video, and I appreciate there’s been
a lot of gear mentioned here. First of all, don’t ever
think that you need all of this gear to make stuff
from the very start. A lot of this has been acquired over
a considerably long time. Over time, I’ve kind of fine
tuned my preferences on things. With that being said, don’t
feel like you need to buy all of this stuff to make
the things, you know. First and foremost is your
enjoyment, your passion. So go for things that bring the usability, that make you enjoy the
work that you’re creating. Alongside the blog, I also have
Kit.com profile, you can go and follow me there. I post
a lot of these gear setups and things. You can go and
see all of my equipment. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you wanna check out
my t-shirts, by the way, I’ve been wearing this
throughout the whole thing, there’s still a few days left
to get your hands on these. This is all about art in the
heart, and making the work that you are passionate about. Alright, so check out all
the links in the description. Some of those are affiliated.
They help support the channel if you do click through them, and I appreciate you doing that, and yeah, that’s everything from me. Thanks for watching. I’ll see
you in another video soon. See you later. Bye bye. (upbeat music)

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  • So great video!Thank you for sharing. And can i ask a question, when i use my Fuji X-T3 taking photos there's so many noise on my photos, and for higher ISO it's more serious. However when i open the NR inside the cam, there is heavy smudge when i zoom in 100%. As far as i know it's common in Fuji cameras, so can i ask how do you make your photo sharp and clean with Fuji. Thanks!

  • will you be getting the 33mm F1 next year? I love the size of the 35 F2 and I love low light photography. I will probably end up getting it myself but not sure if I will end up loving it.

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    Love that postcard…
    Sincerely from Malaysia😎.

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  • We designed a series of accessories for osmo pocket…Would you like to try?

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    Ryan Weisz

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    I made a camera sounds ASMR video of my XT2 if you wanted to check it out on my channel!

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    I've bought, last year, the Lowepro ProTactic AW (1st one).

    I do like it: very comfortable to carry but it has some drawbacks.
    1- the side openings to get the rig out without putting the bag on the ground is a bit small. I've a 7D with the battery grip, and getting it is most "extracting" it.

    2- When the compartment for the computer is empty, there is some "floppy" fabric for the "bellows". And then the main zip jams, catching this floppy fabric. When full, there is no problem. Or we can add a rubber band to pull the extra fabric toward the middle.
    3- All the separators are the same size, while not all the lenses has the same diameter…
    4- The pocket in the cover are very flat.

    Maybe AWII fixes some of these problem…

  • Very cool to hear you mention flying drones responsibly. I have one. For me it was probably a bad purchase. But I'm not going to use it until I've done the US's FAA certs, and I have no interest in flying one over people or in outdoors areas that are dry and ripe for a fire. That last bit might be an irrational fear, but I worry about it crashing and sparking.

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  • For us Westerners, "Sirui" is "Suh-ray" (thanks to my wife, Hui, who is from Nanning, China^^)

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