Which 360 Camera Should You Buy In SEPTEMBER 2018?

Look at them, they are beautiful. Oh, hi!
Well, these cameras are here so that must mean it’s time to do my ‘Which Camera
Should You Buy video’. It’s been three months since I made the last one, and I’m
gonna be honest with you, not a lot has changed. My hierarchy from last time is
more or less the same with the cameras you should and shouldn’t buy. However,
something I’ve never, ever done in a video is rank these 360 cameras from 10
to 1 and look, there’s no one answer for which is the best camera because
everyone is different, everyone has different needs from a camera, so in this
video I’m going to tell you exactly what each of these cameras is best at and who
they are for, because the best 360 camera is different for every person, so this
video is going to aim to figure out which is the best 360 camera for you. I’m only
going to talk about consumer and prosumer cameras that are under $1,200.
If there’s a camera you have your eye on that isn’t here, it’s likely I’ve knocked
it out in a previous video so check out my previous camera comparisons to see
why this camera hasn’t made the list. Starting with number 10, it’s the gear 360
2017. Wait a minute Mr. Ben, you knocked the Gear 360 on the last video. And now you’re bringing it back? Yeah, I know I did, but two things have changed
since last time. One, the price. The price has gone down to around $100, that’s almost
half the price that was before, which puts it back in contention for people
that only have $100 to spend. This is a basic 360 camera, and it does everything
ok, but for $100, yeah, I think it totally delivers for that price. Also, they’ve
added stabilization finally, built in 6- axis stabilization, it’s not as good as
the other cameras, but it stabilizes. If you’re considering this camera, do check
out my review of this, it’s got a lot of flaws, it’s got some strengths, but
personally I don’t really recommend it anymore unless you only have a hundred
dollars to spend. Oh, forgot to mention, this is the cheapest camera that can do
live-streaming 360. Number nine is its older brother the gear 360 2016, and this
is still an ‘OK’ camera in mid 2018. It’s probably just on the verge of being
acceptable given all the amazing innovations that have happened in the
last year. The reason this camera continues to stay
on this list is the price, this is the cheapest good quality 360 camera you
will find, end of story, it’s around $70 right now, and if you have a Samsung
phone, and a low budget, then this is probably the camera for you.
One of its biggest flaws is definitely compatibility, it’s only compatible with
a certain line of phones, you will want to check out the Samsung website if
you’re considering it, but, I can’t use it, I’m on Mac and iPhone, so I haven’t used it
in about a year, but it’s a great camera if you’re on Samsung. One amazing Pro of
this camera is it still the highest resolution 360 camera under $1200 of all
of them. There are $1000 cameras that aren’t as high resolution as this one so,
although it’s cheap and the dynamic range is nowhere near as good as some of
the other cameras, it does have resolution on its side. Should you buy
the gear 360 2016 only if you have a budget of $70. If you have more, then
you’ll probably want to consider the other cameras on this list. Coming in at
number 8 is my newest 360 camera of all of them and that’s, the VUZE+ 3D 360
camera. This is an 8-lens 3D camera, and it’s been pretty good so far.
This is the cheapest 3D 360 camera out there aside from the previous VUZE
model. From the few shots I’ve taken so far, it’s looked pretty good, not amazing,
however I haven’t viewed it in 3D yet, 3D is actually amazing, I can’t wait until 3D
takes off. It’s going to be absolutely incredible and it’s gonna bring that
immersion factor of 360 photos and videos to the next level. 3D means you
can essentially see depth in the image if you remember those old Viewmaster
headsets where you put in slide, and you can see these 3D photos, I used to play
with these a lot when I was a kid, it’s just like that, you can see layers which
create depth in your photos and videos They’re still working on the app, they’re
still working on the software, so this is an almost complete camera that has
the potential to be amazing. The biggest flaw I found with it so far is the
stitching, it’s so easy for stuff to get cut off with this camera, as you can see
there’s a massive blind spot on the top and on the bottom and even between the
lenses, standing about two to three feet away, you’re still going to get cut off.
So this is a camera you’d need to use in wide open spaces where nothing is going
to come anywhere close to the camera or risk getting cut off in the seam line of
doom. So who should buy it? Anyone with $1,200
lying around that wants to play with 3D and see what it’s like knowing that most
people aren’t going to view it in 3D. It’s cool but, you’re gonna be one of the
only kids on planet Earth playing with this toy. Coming in at number seven, it’s the
Garmin VIRB. Yes, the camera I like to make fun of the most, is still a
contender in mid 2018. And why is that? Well something it has above all the
other 360 cameras is, this is the most durable 360 camera of all of them, it has
replaceable lenses and it’s shockproof, so it can withstand a fall from 10, 20 feet up, like I did that one time, I don’t want to talk about it. I still have
nightmares about that. But, if this were any other 360 camera, I would have had to
buy a new camera. With a Garmin VIRB, I went straight on to the Garmin’s website
and I saw they had replaceable lenses, it cost about $40 and I had them in the
mail within about 5 days and that’s saved me $700. So, there’s that. Because
someone that likes taking risks with your camera, you do extreme sports or
you’re just clumsy, then this may be the camera for you, because it’s very likely,
it’s not going to break. Since I made my review of the VIRB, they’ve added the
ability in their desktop software to stitch 5.7K video, and I tried it
yesterday, and it worked flawlessly, many people forget that about the VIRB, that
makes it one the highest resolution consumer/prosumer 360 cameras
money can buy. The final thing it has above the others is G metrics, so if you’re
into racing or extreme sports, it will create all kinds of cool overlays that
will show up on screen as you navigate your course, and make your video look
kind of like a video game. That’s cool, completely useless to me, but I can see
how it will be totally useful for those people. The VIRB is a great camera and maybe I was
too hard on it last time by putting it on the MEH list but the reason it’s on
the MEH list, is the price this is $800 and for only offering those three things
above all other 360 cameras, it’s just not enough, and most cameras on this list
are less than half the price of the VIRB. Coming in at number six is the camera I
love to hate and that is, the YI 360 VR, and I hate the fact that I love
to hate this camera but it’s only because I’m a Mac guy and this is not
a Mac-friendly camera or iPhone-friendly at all. It is 5.7K however,
I can’t process it. It doesn’t work on phone it doesn’t work on computer for Mac. So
if you’re a PC owner, this is going to be the highest resolution video camera
under $500. The YI is $399 right now so, PC owners, this is a serious option, and
if I were a PC reviewer like some of my good friends, I’ll be putting this way
higher like maybe 3, 2 or 1, but since I’m a Mac guy this camera is basically
unusable for me, which is sad because, I thought this camera had a lot of
potential and maybe it will one day when it does become Mac-friendly. Another
issue I have with it is its dynamic range, it’s really not great, it doesn’t
handle highlights and shadows well at all in the same image so, if you’re one
of those people that just loves resolution, you want as much as possible regardless of the
look of your photos and videos, then the YI is a camera you should consider. But
something that’s way more important to me is the dynamic range, it’s just so
important and I know I’m going to get it with the cameras higher than this on
this list. Ok, we’re down to the final five of my favorite 360 cameras of mid
2018 and coming in at number five is, the RYLO 360 camera and RYLO is a camera
that I’m liking more and more every time I use it. If you saw some of my Japan
videos, you saw I shot some awesome hyper lapses with the RYLO, which involved me
holding this camera and walking for four minutes speeding up in the app adding
the hyperlapse effect and bam! I’ve got an amazing b-roll shot which once would
have taken hours and hours if not days and I can do it in minutes. There’s no
question that RYLO is a b-roll machine and I can see myself using this for the
next year at least, because it’s just so good at that.
Yes, it’s draw cut is it’s hyperlapses and stabilization. The RYLO is still the
best 360 camera for stabilization, it’s got amazing six-axis stabilization and
it’s the best for hyperlapses. Recently they’ve added a motion blur effect
within the app and it just gives those hyperlapses that next level cinematic
look, it just feels like something that was shot really professionally, even
though it wasn’t, and when you’re filming you look like a complete idiot walking
around with this thing like people think you’re some kind of pervert, but I don’t
even care, because it’s hyperlapse, it look so amazing.
Another thing it does better than the other cameras is the button layout, it’s
ridiculously simple to use this camera, there’s literally two buttons on/off and
record on the top and that’s it. You just press record,
take a photo, take a video and bam! You’re done. But hold on though, the RYLO also
has lots of flaws, this is far from a perfect 360 camera. The first and biggest
flaw is there’s no WiFi connection, which means you can’t connect wirelessly
to your phone and preview your images, or download your footage, you need to
physically use a cable connected from the camera to your phone. The final major
flaw of the RYLO, in my opinion, is the price, this is a $500 camera and I don’t
think it’s really worth $500. I mean yes, look, those hyperlapse shots were
amazing and I would pay $500 for those no question, so if you’re someone that
likes the hyperlapse effect and you don’t mind the idea of having two
cameras, then the RYLO might be a good second camera for you. I wouldn’t totally
rule it out though as a main camera, it would only be a main camera if you’re
someone that really values stabilization, if you’re someone that’s into extreme
sports or maybe you exclusively shoot handheld, then you absolutely, a thousand
percent should consider the RYLO. Coming in at number four is the Insta360 One. Are you serious? I watched your last video and you said that was the number one camera you should buy. And now you’re saying this? You’re a dirty, filthy, stinking liar! Yeah, about that. Look, I still totally
stand by everything I said in the last video. However, the last video wasn’t
ranking from ten to one. This is still going to be the best 360 camera for lots
and lots of people, just not everyone. Something I feel like I could have
clarified a lot better in my last video is this is the perfect 360 camera for
beginners, it’s really easy to use, it clips onto your phone and you can do
everything on your phone in minutes. No question, Insta360 have the best app,
and that makes the whole workflow a breeze, whereas with most other 360
cameras, you have to use several apps, bring to your computer, and it can really
drag out the process. Insta360 are all about simplicity and I really have to
give them a round of applause for their amazing app. However, that does not mean
that this is a camera for everyone, this is for a beginner, if you’re a beginner
or you’re into live-streaming, this is also the best 360 camera for
live-streaming. But, if you’re a semi-experienced photographer and you want image quality, you want dynamic range, you want
beautiful colors, then you want to consider the cameras above the one on
this list. I’ve always had issues with the look of the photos and videos that
come out of this, it’s not great for contrast and the colors aren’t always
accurate to what you see in real life. For me, as a more experienced
photographer, that means the world to me. So if you’re someone that’s never owned
a 360 camera, and you want something that’s uber easy to use you, just plug
in, take a photo, download, and then upload to social media, this is going to be the
camera for you. However, you probably will need an iPhone, yes they do have an
Android adapter, but since I recommended it in my last video I had so many people
reach out saying this is less than perfect it does not work great with
Android at all some, people is working fine but a lot of people it’s not, so,
therefore I’ve withdrawn my recommendation if you’re an Android user
I wouldn’t really consider this, because you’re probably going to experience
issues. Basically, every other 360 camera on this list is Android-friendly so you
might want to consider one of the other options. Coming in at number three,
not one, but two 360 cameras. The Mi Sphere and the MADVENTURE 360. before
you ask, there’s still no difference between the two so it’s up to you which
one you want to buy, personally I recommend the Mi Sphere just because
it’s usually cheaper. The Mi Sphere has been high on this list for probably the
longest of any of the 360 cameras, this has been one of the best options for
over a year now and it’s still an excellent option in mid 2018. Why is that?
Well the Mi Sphere is just a great all-around camera at everything. It’s a
great photo camera and has excellent resolution, and pretty good dynamic range,
it’s got lots of manual shooting options, it’s great for video, it’s got
stabilization and the image quality and sharpness is as good, if not better, than
most of the cameras on this list. The best part is, this is one of the cheapest
cameras on this list, it consistently comes in around the $200-$250
mark which makes it the best camera by far in this price bracket. Do check out
my review and the 6,000 other videos I’ve made about the Mi Sphere but, I
still like it, it’s not my number one favorite but, it will always have a
special place in my heart. And why isn’t it my favorite you might ask? Well, I do
rate it really highly however, I found as someone that is experienced at
photography, I’m always having to color correct the photos and videos that comes
out of the Mi Sphere, they never come out perfect or not even perfect, I don’t
expect perfect, but just good enough to post, I find the Mi Spehre is always really
contrasty, the blacks are really dark and a lot of the time it has a blue tone
that needs to be fixed, this is a minor issue but, it’s a major issue for me,
because I care a lot about color and in an ideal world a camera will take a
photo where you don’t really have to touch it for it to be acceptable enough
to post online, and again I’m being really picky and most people don’t color-
correct their photos and figures that come from the Mi Sphere, and that’s okay
too. Otherwise, I rate the Mi Sphere super
highly and can confidently say this is the best 360 camera for under $300.
Number two, and it’s the Theta V. This is one of the cameras I’ve been using the
most over the last six months and the first reason is I just love the design of
this thing, no question, this is the best design 360 camera money can buy, it’s the
perfect size, it’s the shape of a pocket and that’s really so important when you
want to take around your 360 camera and not feel like you’re carrying around a
full camera kit and or do something bulky in your pocket, you don’t want to
look like you’re getting excited in public when you have a 360 camera in
your pocket, which is why the Theta V is a much better alternative. So, there’s
that, also the Theta V has probably the fastest workflow of all of these 360
cameras, maybe other than The One. However, download time are way fast on the Theta
V, you can download a photo like that and the file sizes are small enough that it
doesn’t fill up the 19GB SD card. This is one of the big flaws of the Theta
V is there’s no expandable memory and you’re stuck with 19GB.
However, the file compression is really good, you still get decent quality photos
and videos, look, they’re not amazing and it’s not as high resolution as a lot of
these other 360 cameras, but because the dynamic range is just so good, it makes
it look sharper than it actually is. The Theta cameras have always been
amazing for dynamic range and the look is far superior to every other camera
I’ve discussed so far. The Theta V also has the best built in HDR that I’ve seen
from a 360 camera. It almost doesn’t matter how much contrast you have in
your scene, how bright the highlights are, how dark the shadows are, the Theta V is
probably going to expose them correctly if you use HDR rendering. You will
need to put your camera on a tripod to do this, or your shots may turn out
blurry. No question, sharpness isn’t the number one strength of the Theta V
however, if you’re shooting for social media, this is going to be one of your
best options. Another flaw is there’s no replaceable
battery, so if you’re someone that likes filming for a long time, this will
probably be an issue for you. That only leaves one camera left and if you’ve
been following my recent videos then you know what it is. It’s the GoPro Fusion.
And as of mid 2018 in my humble opinion the GoPro Fusion is the best all-around
camera for 360 photos and 360 videos. It’s definitely a prosumer camera and
not a consumer camera meaning, you need more of an advanced setup as in a phone,
you need a fast computer with a fast graphics card, and lots of RAM in order
to use it, but if you have those things, this will be one of the best 360 cameras
you can get your hands on. Firstly, straight out of the camera, the photos
and videos just look amazing and they barely need any work done to them, also,
it’s so sharp. This is one of the few 360 cameras I’ve seen that when you look in
any one direction, it looks legitimately like high-definition video, most of the
other cameras on this list look more like 720p when reframed. The
stabilization on the Fusion is second only to the RYLO and it’s really close.
The Fusion stabilization is incredible and if you’re someone’s into extreme
sports and you can afford the Fusion I would a thousand percent recommend the
Fusion, because it beats the RYLO in every other way. Well, maybe other than
that cool hyperlapse effect, but if you’re someone that’s into sports, moving
around a lot and stabilization is important, you’re going to get amazing
looking 360 video from the Fusion and it’s also waterproof, which makes it the
best 360 camera for using underwater. Look, the stitching sucks underwater,
which is why you need a housing regardless of the 360 camera you own and
whether it’s waterproof or not, it doesn’t matter, because water causes
issues with unhoused 360 cameras, so if you wanted to take this swimming and say
use it out of the water, it would be a great waterproof camera for that
application. The Fusion shoots raw, the Fusion has
voice control, the Fusion has spatial audio, and the fusion is the best 360
camera for video in low-light. It really is a great all-around choice if you can
afford it, which most people can’t. Seven hundred dollars is a lot to spend on a
360 camera especially as your first camera. So this is more of a second
camera, if you’ve already bought a camera before and you’re fully bought into 360,
then the Fusion is going to be a great upgrade, I would recommend it a
thousand percent. However, the biggest flaw of it is the workflow, and this is
the number one complained about thing, is the workflow on computer. A lot of people
are using really, really slow computers and
expecting 5.2K video from the Fusion to work on it, and it’s not. It’s crashing
their computer or Fusion studio crushes and they blame GoPro. But really, the
issue was their hardware couldn’t handle it. So I would say you need a minimum of
16GB of RAM and at least a 2GB, if not, 4GB graphics
card to make the Fusion run smoothly and not take days to render a single clip. Do
check out my Fusion review to see all the pros and cons but, this is something
that’s unanimous amongst all the 360 camera reviewers, and the 360 pro
community right now that the Fusion is the best prosumer 360 camera. Oh, by the
way, one thing I need to and really quickly is I saw the Kandao Qoocam and
it’s amazing. I think it’s gonna be one of the best 360 cameras of late 2018,
it’s not ready yet, but I have complete confidence that it’s going to be in the
top 3 of this list by the end of the year. I’d strongly recommend joining the
Facebook groups of the camera you own or the camera you’re interested in to see
samples, to see user questions, you can submit a question, so definitely join as
many of those Facebook groups as you can. And hey, I’d be interested to know. What’s
your number one 360 camera right now and why? Leave a comment down there. And you
know what, choosing a 360 camera is one thing, but really knowing how to use and
how to get really professional results with your 360 camera is a completely
different thing. You can buy an amazing camera and still your footage can look
terrible, which is why I made my video course, A Beginner’s Guide to 360 Video.
Why do things the hard way when you can learn from all of my mistakes by getting
my best tips and tricks in something you can consume in under a day. I’ll put a
link to it in the description and this video course is my best content yet by
far. Finally, I’ve got some news to share. This is going to be my last video that
I’ll be filming here. I started on YouTube about two years ago, posting
serious tutorials and it’s been an amazing ride, and this backdrop has been
with me for the vast majority of videos I’ve shot. However, I’m now at a point in
my YouTube career where I’m ready to take things to the next level and the
place I’m living in now, it’s just not doing it for me. It’s too small, I found
an amazing new place that’s gonna be so much better for YouTube. So with that
said, it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve had my wall like this for eight years so
I feel like I’m tearing apart a piece of my soul! I’m sorry Mr. Kubrick! Wait a minute. I could have taken them to my new house. Well it’s been fun. See ya.

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    So, does my ideal camera just not exist yet? Should I be thinking more of a non-360 action camera and learn to frame my shots and lose the advantages of 360? Will Rylo cut it? Looking forward to your thoughts, thanks so much in advance and best wishes for continued growth on your informative channel.

    Oh I should mention price range is secondary to the other needs. I would buy the fusion but the computer processing is just not an option.

  • Hi Ben. Thanks for your work and efforts, you look very passionate about this however when you talk about all-round camera I am not sure if you really know what means "ALL". For me, there is still only one all-rounder under 1000$ on the market (as far as I know) that allows me to make a video like this: https://youtu.be/YjDA-LoLUIw (or 360 version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcqNz6dakkg ). If you can guarantee that any other camera under $1000 can stand this environment (Fusion should be the closest rival) I will gladly retire my VIRB360 as I am far away from satisfaction, but I surely know why I wanted to pay extra $. You take to watersports VIRB360 or you take nothing, simple as that….it is the only watersports 360 actioncam on the market and this costs some bucks more. I think it should get extra points for performing better than stated, not pushed back down to Meh despite the fact I don't like it too much. Even Garmin does not guarantee my camera will handle high jumps as VIRB360 is only 1 ATM rated and jumps take 10 ATM rating, but somehow with its sturdiness, it survives all hits and splashes over and over again. I don't dare to take Fusion to splashy water adventures as it is not even 1 ATM rated. Does it have any water resistant mark at all, IP code? If GoPro made it 1 ATM, it would probably exceed the price of VIRB360. Cheers!

  • Insta one… so tempting to get for live streaming. I got into the insta nano and it’s been a great experience except the quality

  • [9:36] #4 the Insta360 ONE
    [15:18] #1 GoPro FUSION

  • Can any of these cameras work with w10 tablet (an app?) instead of a smart phone?

  • He have a money from GoPro. Fusion is sucks, see an angry users, who can install software from GoPro

  • Thx Ben for all the amazing video about 360. Based on your video, I brought a Theta v and I think it is great. however, I felt the resolution is a bit low and thinking about getting an fusion instead.

  • insta360 air to qandao qoocam, damn i missed the easy processing

  • Thanks for your review Ben. What would you recommend for a 360 3d camera?

  • I was thinking of getting a 360 camera, I wanted non 360 footage tho. Like the ability to pick and choose the angles and footage as i needed them. Is this something inherent to the camera or with the editing software?

  • Don’t know if I missed it or if it’s a new feature, but I managed to get a full res (4K) video off the misphere to Mac with a detour from mi sphere -> iPad Pro -> Mac desktop. Haven’t tried it with my iPhone se yet but I will some time the next days and post the result. This makes the mi sphere the ideal 360 camera for Mac users on a budget (cause they spend all their money on the Mac products) in my opinion, after about a week of owning that camera! 😬👍🏻

  • Thanks for the excellent video Ben! I admire your knowledge in the domain of consumer-prosumer 360 cameras and really would like your input with the following question. In your opinion what would be a good 360 camera that does well-to-great in these two categories: good video stabilization (like for mountain biking or mounting on a drone/performing vanilla drone maneuvers) and streams to Facebook or YouTube in 4k 360 video? Thanks for your future input Ben!!!
    Also, side note, what's your opinion of the Acer Holo360 with it's dedicated LTE connection and built in touch screen? Worth it for $220?

  • Hey! great review! what about the Detu F4 Plus 8K?? any coments?

  • Thanks so much for this review. I watched your last two 360 reviews and this one was the most helpful for me. I needed the best for low light and stabilization and now I have the answer. Looking forward to getting a Fusion!

  • hey ben, do you know the Matterport 360 3d cam? do you have any opinion about it? a friend of mine has one, its so incredible the resolution it gets. but its better for virtual tours.

  • Ben I have a question, regarding a fusion and theta v, last time on your review you said that a fusion like 1.5 better than others, now you put it on the first place, I'm trying to choose one, because I gonna order from US shipped to my country) I don't wanna make mistake) I have plans to used it for blog, and as action camera, reviewing restaurants, Cafe, cool places, and giving people to see how it looks, also gonna do some crazy things like jumping from the roofs, from the plane, a lot a things) so which one you will recommend for this things) thanks for videos) wish all the best to your Chanel) I just got confused after I watched two videos ((😞

  • Thanks a lot for this new comparison! One small addition: You can replace the Gear 360 front lens as well. https://youtu.be/x0H8AuGpPS0

  • Hi Ben! Love this video! I’m looking for a 360 camera for mounting on my drone, which one would you recommend for it?

  • Thankss..

  • I am going to create 360 videos of nature with birds sound (good audio), very good resolution (for VR watch) so which camera do you recommend, guys? Thanks in advance

  • Hi there. I need a camera for work. Imagine a square room. I need a camera in the corner. One that can view ALL areas of the room. I need it to be wireless. I also need it to be internet accessible. I work at a gym, and need to view the downstairs area for safety reasons. Which camera do I get?

  • Have you reviewed the LG r105 360 cam?

  • Gear "260"? In the video description?

  • Hey @Ben Claremont, I'm a realtor. Which 360 would you recommend for virtual walk through?

  • The video is from July/2018 and you changed the title to Septembe/2018 to appear Current. I like your channel, but don't do it, it's not cool

  • I'm looking for Xiaomi Mi Sphere 4K and they are only two on line stores offering it. Both of them are unreliable. They have either 5* or 1* reviews. Nothing in between. Some buyers say scam, keep away, while other ones say pleasure to deal with. Both of them sell all kinds of electronics (cell phones, etc) HERE IS MY QUESTION: Did anybody was recently buying Panoramic camera from them? It seems they don't have some stuff in stock and they use third party suppliers. It looks like a lottery: I send money and if they have it I'll get it, if not – I loose money

  • LOL i love that good old Aussie craziness towards the end of the video 😉

  • Hi, what about the Insta 360 One X? (or wasn't that yet released when you did this video?)

  • I am curious to see where the Insta360 one x will be on this list. I love my Fusion, but just ordered the Insta360 one x as my social media camera. And my poor Gear360 2017 will just be used for stuffing in my front pocket.

  • Def. buying the go pro fusion, amazing quality!

  • 360fky ??????????????????

  • Ben/anyone,
    No idea what to get, want a 360 camera for mounting on a pole on the back of my motorcycle. Needs to be waterproof to handle rain and small so as not to get beat up by the wind and air pressure at speed. Would also prefer being able to use an external power source so i'm not riding through great views with a dead battery. Totally new to this so know nothing at the minute, I know i'm asking a lot but can anyone recommend something suitable?

  • How about Insta360 One X?

  • I am waiting till there is a proper 3d camera that is affordable.

  • Can you mix regular footage with 360 ones together?

  • What do you recommend for a real estate agent?

  • What is the best cam to take pictures? To mane virtual tours ?

  • Samsung 360 is awesome works great, unless your some youtube guy that looks at a million cameras

  • Hey Ben – Great video mate. From the video, I understand that the Mi Sphere and Ricoh could be good options for me. But just thgt I will confirm with you as my knowledge on cams are zilch. This is to create virtual tours. Hence, lighting will not be a problem. I just need good quality on the properties around the room. I have a budget of 400$. DO you suppose my choices are good ?

  • Thank you SO MUCH for the reviews! I just bought a Vivitar DVR988HD Action Camera 360 from Fingerhut and wow(not a good wow)! It is like a 360 camera for my 10 year old! 🙁
    So … Thanks to your video review, I did some researching and I am able to buy the GoPro Fusion through my College Tech store with a payroll deduction! YES! I will soon be the proud owner of the #1 360 camera on your video! I’m so excited! My wife is a photographer as well and I’ve dabbled in it for many years recording my many bands I have been in but, not pro like you. I’m still an amateur.
    But, like I said. I can’t wait to get my hands on the GoPro Fusion.
    I have a 27in IMac 3.5gig. Hopefully that will be enough to power the software you were talking about. If not. I’ll have to fire up my gaming PC which houses 2 video cards running Quad- SLI!
    Thanks again!

  • What do you think is the best 360 camera for a real estate agent who wants to record houses? Do you think the yi360 is a good option?

  • hi Ben,
    what's your opinion about QooCam?
    It's look amazing but I would like a profesional opinion 🙂

  • Where in this list would you put the Insta360 One x?

  • What would you recommend for a wedding?

  • If Gear 360 (16 or 17) is my only option due to limited budget, which one would be the best? I would use it for Google SV/Maps (photo, video) and Youtube (Video). I don't have a samsung phone. I use Android.

  • How well would these work as a camera in your vehicle in case of accidents for legal purposes ? And for only that purpose, could I get away with the Samsung 360 ? Thanks !

  • I ❤️ gopro fusion

  • I heard birds at 9:33

  • Insta 360 one x blows the competition

  • Thank you for the thorough review! Really enjoyed your video. Very helpful! Thanks again!

  • Amazing video. Which 360 camera you suggest that can take 360 high res pictures in low light situations.

  • Hi Ben, I love your tutorials, thank you. I got a question: I tried to install from Xaiomi manual QR code app to my LG7, but I got the message: No eligible device for app install. Does it mean I need to purchase a new cell phone, or the app from QR is old one, not updated

  • Good morning. I have a Kodak Easy Share camera that can record a video while attached by USB to a power bank. Do any of the cameras in this video have the same capability?

  • Very nice tips 🤙🏾😉

  • Ben, or anyone who knows, how do you switch between raw and jpg on the Mi Sphere? THANK YOU.

  • When it comes to using VR on photos which is better, Insta 360 one x or the Samsung 360 2016 which has 30mp?

  • The Samsung 360 2017 does not need a samsung phone – i works perfektly without any phone what so ever.

  • I do not have a smart phone or cell phone, will any of these cameras work with my large desktop computer ? Getting so tired of everything like this depending on mobile phones these days..

  • Ben – Can't tell you how much I appreciate your 360 Cam vids. I'm an Uber driver. Just looking for something that I can plop on the top of my car, can withstand the elements, and I can leave running for 10-12 hours. I'm leaning towards the GoPro Fusion because I know it can withstand the elements, but my only question is: does it record in the ancient resolution known as 1080p? Otherwise I'm going to have to be swapping out memory cards every 6 hours and that's not something I'm willing to do.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • I don't know what condition or country you live in but your prices are off big time for half of these camera and it is 2019 at the time of me writing this! No electronics increase in value in this short a period of time typically they decrease

  • I think i want insta 360 … since I am beginner 😁

  • Why didn't the 360fly make your list?

  • Ben! Great video, really helpful. I got a Theta S a year or so ago, love the simplicity and the design, but I'm looking for an upgrade. I use it for photos rather than videos, and it seems to have a really conspicuous stitching line, especially if the sun is in shot, that is almost impossible to edit out. Is this a known issue, and do any of your top 10 cameras avoid this? I'm attracted by the Mi or even the Theta V, if that has addressed the stitching issue.

  • Great review! A Fusion with replaceble lens caps would be a hammer deal!

  • I just got a new samsung gear 360 2017 for 20 bucks (: i feel very happy i didn't spent almost $100

  • I've had my eyes on the Fusion for a couple months now… I wanna get it haha

  • using mi

  • This guy must HATE Samsung.

  • Great video as always, but I'm really surprised Insta360 one X didn't make your list. I've owned several of the cameras on your list. I used to really love my Rylo but insta360 one X is my favorite now.

  • I finally got mi sphere with good deal.. So happy to enter into 360 world

  • I need a 360 dash cam. Would any of these work?

  • Very nice review about the 360 cameras. Really learned a lot and hopefully I get the Fusion thanks

  • There is also a complete list of all 360 Cameras over the last years you can compare:

  • Just got the gear 360 2017 sad to see it the end of the list but I got it for $60 and anything is a step up from my current 360 camera (LG 360)

  • The Fusion just got marked down to $299! After I watched this video I knew that it was time to buy one. So far it has been the best tech purchase I've made in a while. There's so many things I can do with it including the "Overcapture" feature. I'll never miss a shot again!

  • vuze plus

  • j'avais la theta S et j 'ai maintenant la Gopro fusion et il n 'y à pas de comparaison , la Gopro est vraiment top , en plus la Gopro fusion carte mémoire et batterie amovible , très important .

  • Hi, I plan to get to my gym a 360 camera and fix on the ceiling. Can you please advise what kind if should I buy? Thank you

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