Whoopi Goldberg’s Family: 3 White Husbands and 1 Kid

Caryn Elaine Johnson more known as Whoopi
Goldberg was born in NY in 1955. She got her first stage experience at the
age of 8, when she was taking part in Rubenstein’s theatre. Unlike good acting skills she demonstrated,
at school, the future Hollywood actress was the worst student. Therefore, she left education without getting
any diploma. Then, she left home and moved to San Diego,
where she began acting in a theatre, thus becoming more experienced. She started getting offers from Broadway shows
and finally got on a big screen having debuted in The Color Purple. It was her first role and she managed to be
nominated for the Oscar and received the Golden Globe for it. Her father, Robert was a churchman who left
the family when kids were still young. He died at 63 to stomach cancer. The mother, Emma was raising the kids as a
single parent. To make the ends meet, she had to work at
two jobs. The mother had always been supporting Whoopi
that is why when she died in 2010 from stroke, the actress was really devastated. The famous comedienne had only one sibling,
a brother Clyde. Unlike his famous sister, he wasn’t interested
in the moviemaking industry and worked as her driver until he passed away of brain aneurysm
in 2015. The celebrity was married thrice. Alvin Martin was her first spouse. They had been living together for six years. He is also the only man she has a child from. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 54. A well-known cinematographer, David Claessen
became her second husband. However, they lived only two years together
after which divorced. The third and last marriage to an actor Lyle
Trachtenberg lasted only a year from 1994 till 1995 and didn’t result in any children. Nowadays, Goldberg is not married but every
now and then is seen together with high-profile figures. She has only one child, a daughter Alex from
the first marriage. Like an internationally know mother, Alex
has followed her path and became an actress too. She is a caring mother to 3 kids and a loving
wife to Bernard Dean.

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