Why did I quit my job and switched to photography and videography?

hi guys this is Jack
Sputnik here and today I want to share some parts of my story how did it happen
that I switched to photography to full-time photography and videography
and why did I do it why did I quit my day job and do I regret it or was a
really good decision or whatever but I want you to be fully honest about it
like what it is what it is not and tell you how to start and that’s why I want
to share my story because this is where I was I was having a an advertising
agency many years ago and I was always on the phone in touch with clients very
demanding clients and a lot of clients as you know they just kill your gradate
he has a hand and and the risk of burnout was really huge and on top of that I
wanted to have more time for my personal development and for the family
specifically for the family so I wanted to change something i I saw the need to
change my life so one day I just said to my wife hey let’s take a our cameras
since we had cameras because of the advertising agency and and let’s start
doing stock photography two years ago like two years earlier before I said
that my friend told me about stock photography opportunity and he said hey
they are pretty demanding but it’s worth trying because it pays pays off and okay
now you may say it was back in a years I’m talking about seven years from now
more or less and and you could make some money on stock photography but nowadays
is not that possible but that’s not true our portfolio is growing and our income
is growing so you can still make some really reasonable and decent amount of
money on stock photography only but we don’t do only stock photography and in
other episodes I will explain what other source of income you can you can have
doing photography and videography but today I want to focus on the story just
to encourage you to change something if you want it of course so we just went
out of the office and started shooting our own area our own city and start
doing collection for this for stock photography start learning what
requirements they have like keeping our ISO very low resolution to the maximum
and so on and so on and we are so excited when we started
getting some sales like like first pictures all like oh man it’s $1.00 it’s
it’s $10 it’s $50 hundred dollars Wow it was very exciting and I know it
doesn’t sound exciting when he when you think about it okay like after half a
year you have $100 or $200 but it really grows fast okay so after like two years
it was like really big part of our income and after more or less free to
four years we said hey we can switch and do only that because it was enough to
pay our bills and did I ever regret it no we are now in Kruger National Park in
South Africa and our photography and videography pay our bills pay for our
trips pay for our tickets pay for the food that will be soon served here in
restaurant so probably I will have to finish this episode because my stomach
is empty but conclusion if you want to change something do it if
you want to try full-time photography and videography just grab your camera go
out and start shooting and I do recommend trying to start your stock
photography business because it’s it’s it’s it’s quick it’s pretty easy it’s
not the difficult as people think and in some future episodes I will explain in
depth how to do it what equipment you need what requirements there are how to
start it but it will teach you the skill it will develop your skills as a
photographer as a videographer and then when you get it when you are there you
can try new things you can try to – to start vlogging you can try to cooperate
with with some companies as a freelancer you can try to do some wedding sessions
whatever you are up for but stock photography is a great way to expand
your photography skills and to make some money on it and to pay your bills if you
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