Wikimedia community feature: Lionel Allorge – Drone photography of Versailles

All of those gardens the French gardens that are very geometric in design. When you see them from above it really reveals all of the intricacy or the details of that work. My name is Lionel Allorge. I am from near Paris in France. I started to be involved in Wikimedia Commons because I do photography. With the contest Wiki Loves Monuments I started to try to find monuments that where not very well known and I also went to very well known monuments like the Versailles castle. We are working with a small French company and we are taking aerial videos and pictures. They already had pictures from above of the castle and the gardens but they were made by professionals. And they were very interested to have all of those nice pictures licensed in a free license so they can reuse them whenever they want. I’ve shared maybe a few thousand pictures but I can access like twenty million pictures or drawings on Commons. So really it’s a very good bargain if you want. Wikipedia

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