WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – THE ART OF BEING PRESENT – behind the scenes, Nikon z6, winter, Scotland

The beauty of the Scottish Highlands with
these far-reaching, snow covered mountains is just breathtaking. You can walk for days without seeing
anything, but then suddenly a little furry hare is sticking up its head. When I’m out with my camera, I try not to
have too many expectations because expectations sometimes tend to get in the
way of my creativity. I’d rather just be out there with my
camera, and just be present and then, when something happens – if something
happens then just capture these beautiful moments. I know nothing better than just having a
good time out there because, when I come from home and I have my head full of all kinds of stuff, it can sometimes be very hard to be present. And if I’m
not present it’s hard to make the good photos. Being out there with my camera, without
being aware of being out there with my camera, it’s like time just disappears.
Everything disappears and I forget I’m a photographer, I forget about my lens and my
camera – I forget about everything I wish I could get that feeling every single
time I am out, but I just simply can’t. But this time the right feeling was there. It’s so hard to describe, but it’s
fantastic. These are definitely the moments that drive me. It’s a rare feeling of being present,
of being there and being reconnected with nature. Just me and the mountain hare.

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  • I'm truly humbled by all these amazing and encouraging comments. Hats off for all of you who have shared this video – that really means a lot to me.
    I wish you all a wonderful week😊
    All the best

  • Fabulous vlog Morten. One request, as a new comer to wildlife photography it helps me, personally, to have the shot details shown (only briefly) on the still shots. I know some may find it irritating but at 70 I need to learn fast. Keep up the good work and the coffe breaks!

  • Goosebumps!! It’s all I need to say 👌🏼


  • You melt my heart, Morten!

  • Morten Hilmer you are amazing.

  • WOW Morten, just when I thought you could not exceed your amazing quality, you bring out this totally awesome video!Amazing cinematography, and completely mind-blowing images.The words and emotions of you being there was like we were there with you, and I bet a lot of us can relate to what you said and emotions would be shared too. AMAZING!But them images, well they deserve a book in their own right!Completely immersed in that video, A1= production!ATB  🙂

  • After this video, I was just like melted ice cream in the chair… Bravo! You made a fantastic video, you surprised me with this one. I like the shot where the wind blows the snow, the hare with the backlight and that shot with the deer fight in the snowfall. You know how to deliver the feeling, I could almost feel the snow hitting my face by watching how the wind was blowing it.

  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼Morten for president🙌🏼🙌🏼 man, this was one epic vlog man! 😀

  • Your video work is always amazing but this one is next level! 👍

  • Hi Morten, That was an incredible and beautiful video, I've watched it at least 3 times and shared it with my family as an idea of what I really want to do here in Colorado. You always inspire me to get out and photograph even in a cold snowy blizzard. I wanted to thank you for such a beautifully produced video and images. Keep them coming and all the best to you on this trip as well. I would also like to give you another you tuber Steve Mattheis, and his upload on Feb 20th "I'm glad I'm not a Bison" He got some amazing coyote and bison shots in the snow from Wyoming I think you'll appreciate as well.

  • Loved it. One of your best videos yet.

  • Awesome Morten.

  • Wonderful Morten. I was just going to put a comment where are you! Great atmosphere created with the video, music and your audio. We are going from here in Australia to Scotland in a months time so really looking forward to that.

  • That's was truly amazing footage and story Morten! I'm hopefully going to Cairngorms in October so hyped now!

  • Wow Morten what an awesome (in the true meaning of the word) vlog. It’s just what I needed to remind me why I started bird/wildlife photography, I’ve become too focussed on getting the shot and forgetting to be truly present. Thank you for the reminder

  • You are humbled my dear Morten…? WE (!) should be humbled you bring this to us, your love of nature, the way you connect, your personality, your creativity, the quality of your pictures and footage, the music….etc etc… Thanks for sharing it with us. Regards, Ben

  • Sir… Three words, We Love You.

  • Wonderful video Morten. Thanks.

  • Amazing Morten, Truly great footage and film making! I loved hearing your thoughts on the beautiful highlands.

  • Fucking spectacular video. You're living my dream, thank you, this way the dream doesn't go to waste, it becomes somebody's reality.

  • I love your videos! But this one GAVE me chills!! I am transfering schools in the fall to pursue photography and I plan on double majoring in conservation! I am hopeful to be at a similar caliber as you! I love nature and I love Photography! Thank you for being awesome.- Patrick

  • Fascinating, when "in the present" time doesn't seem to matter anymore. I could identify with this so much. Thank you for sharing.

  • Awesome video. How is the Z6 holding up with your use? Image quality and AF compared to your d850 and d5?

  • inspiring! thank you

  • One of the most beautiful video I have ever seen. Thank you Morten.

  • I love it!

  • Great Job 👍

  • Really love your videos. The way you tell the story, how you make the video and the beautiful photos. It’s fantastic to watch. Only thing I don’t like is waiting two weeks for your new video 👍

  • No soy nadie pero soy un fiel seguidor de tu trabajo,quiero que sepas que desde mis humildes palabras te quiero dar mi enhorabuena por este magnífico trabajo ,el cual no está pagado.soy de España Linares provincia de Jaén y no me canso de ver tus fotografías un abrazo AMIGO.

  • That seems to be the longest lens I've seen on a mirrorless. What is it?

  • Morten,
    I discovered your films two weeks ago. My morning had started watching 26 wild turkeys, a lovely site, and while online looking for photography blinds that evening, I found your beautiful work. This was just exactly what I needed, your sense of nature, your emotion, your glee in the moment, as well as your love for wildlife photography, all resonated so much with my own feelings, and your experiences in the blind, especially when you heard the wolves, was thrilling and actually made me quite emotional….I almost felt as though I was there!

    You’ve captured the perfect mixture of passion, art and story telling (exactly what I had in mind for a Youtube series), that can help people reconnect with nature….our only hope, I feel, in these now often dark and desperate times.

    Your right, being in the moment is truly what it's all about….

    Keep fighting the good fight, you’ve greatly touched my soul!

    Greg Douglass (NJ-USA)

  • Just me and the hare out there sums it up beautifully. Thank you for sharing your passion.

  • Wow! One of the best video. So inspiring. Thank you.

  • Amazing footage and once again a well put-together video to enjoy…thank you Morten.

  • Amazing!! I love it.

  • Amazing! I feel inspired and a bit emotional!

  • You’re stuff is outstanding man

  • I loved this video Morten, epic scenery and very well put together. I have enjoyed your Scotland series also. You continue to be an inspiration…

  • Wonderfull! Thanks!!

  • So inspiring, thank you for sharing. I have not been feeling well and have not been wanting to get out with my camera, because like you said I don't feel present in the moment. Thank you for your honesty in telling your story that it happens to you too.

  • Many thanks for sharing your very intimate moments in the Nature. Superb video!

  • It's such a pleasure to watch your work! Stunning!

  • A beautiful and heart -warming video Morten. I loved watching it.

  • Wonderful footage, thank you!

  • Splendid pictures and wonderful story. Inspiring as always Morten

  • Wow.. This is amazing. I saw So much commitment in this.. superb

  • What a wonderful video this is Morten! This is the best one ever made by you. It´s hard to believe that you did this video all by yourself with, what is it called, B-roll or something. I lift my hat for you.

  • what a beautiful video.

  • Trust me when I say this, you are living most beautiful, blessed and complete life. every time I watch your video, I realize that I'm totally wasting my life sitting in front of computer. I'm afraid I'll have to regret it when I grow old😀

  • Truly amazing Morten. I cried tears of joy while watching it <3
    This really pushes me to get out as soon as the everyday life alowes me to. Thank you!

  • So Incredible. I really enjoy your Videos. The Music, the style of the footage, the spirit and of Course your Images. So Incredible. One can really see that you are Living your Passion.

  • Stunning video ! Fantastic

  • Hi, Morten, IMO you`re the best wildlife photographer I`ve seen so far and a great storyteller, you are a person and a photographer who has realy something to say, again an awesome video, thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful moments outside in the world and for giving me nearly seven minutes of peace and consciousness, I love what you`re doing and saying, God bless you wherever you are :))

  • 0:24 "breast taking"

  • Sir.i am Zahir Jafar a photographer from Kashmir.i want to it on large scale but my economy doesn't allow me.if u can help contact me please sir

  • Beautiful

  • So beautiful!

  • I know the feeling you are trying to describe – it's not easy to define, but it's amazing when in happens. I always love your work and your story telling – looking forward to the next. <3

  • How you make money from wildlife photography

  • My favorite photographer…. Love u……,

  • Looking at your video I just feel one with your pictures! So fantastic – thank you

  • Beautiful work, and a great message.

  • This video hit home Morten- Thank you , we just have to be there. Regards sir

  • Hi Morten,
    I've recently started to do photography and more so Wildlife Photography. I have been looking at a lot and I mean a lot of youtube videos on the subject. When I came across a few of your other videos I subscribed to your channel. I have to say with hand on heart, this is by far the best video on wildlife photography that I've seen anywhere. There is nothing about this video that isn't perfect. The location, the time of year, your words, your tone, the music. All perfect. Can't wait to see more from you. Peace IrishDave.

  • Greeting from Tibet.

  • The best one so far! Awesome video!!

  • You are my inspiration..morten..love from india

  • A truely beautiful film, Morten is superb in his craft. A joy to watch.

  • Absolutely great Job, that‘s very impressive and inspiring!

  • i think this is the most emotional video that you had make. i lovo all your video, but this touch my soul!!! thanks a lot for share this emotions….. greetings from italy

  • Love it. Do you know the book by David Ulrich: Zen Camera: Creative Awakening with a Daily Practice in Photography ? Take care 🙂

  • What fantastic images! I love the negative space in your pictures. Had I have taken them I probably deleted them because I would not have seen the beauty in the detail. You are opening a view on objects which are completely new for me. Great thanks for that!!!!

  • Your videos and images are a source of inspiration to me Morten. Absolutely outstanding work and you make the creation of the images so accessible and enthralling.

  • Morten you are an amazing photographer and brilliant at creating compelling video you have a gift mate keep the the videos coming they are awesome

  • You love your thoughts on being present. Thank you for taking us into those moment.

  • Beautiful

  • Superb Morten, I was completely captivated and speechless watching your video! I will share this on my Social media channels. Keep it up, no pressure but that's one of the best so far.

  • so inspiring Morten! love your art and talent, great video!

  • When did u get your new camera ??

  • Morten sir very close to 100k pls share with your friends and families,Congrats sir its all your hardwork ,you are my biggest inspiration

  • You are truly an inspiration.

  • I don't shoot wildlife photos, but you made me through all these videos to appreciate the whole process of it. Also, i am sure now, no matter what type of photographer you are ,you must learn to be the best friend of yourself. king regards.

  • I want to comment but you have left me speechless.

  • Your videos leave me speechless! Absolutely amazing! Your love for nature is infectious and very inspirational.

  • what a beautiful video it brought me to tears!

  • My soul is lighter and happier for sharing you Scottish journey. Visually stunning Morten, your voice over really did connect me as a viewer. Thank you. What a joy you are.

  • I can't put my emotions in words right now! I don't know why this video just made me cry a little and i had a smile on my face throughout the video. Your videos are just so pure and perfect. Thank you for this beautiful content, Sir. You deserve millions of subscribers❤️

  • How you can be such as a good photographer and film maker?!

  • Was introduced to your photography from the First Man Photography channel. What an amazing video this is, absolutely incredible.

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    hi bro, this Channel recomends your channel

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1CeabITA8Vh7yfHb1f-gA

  • nother great and inspiring video woooo nice

  • fantastic video and photo , you are my new master!!!

  • Awesome video! I absolutly adore it. Continue this way and have a peek at mine if you feel like it. =)

  • I dont know why 10 people dislike this video!!

  • Супер🤘🤘🤘

  • Do more such videos! Amazing!

  • Breathtaking video. Superb

  • Absolutely beautiful imagery… The music brings it all together. Stunning!!

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