X-T30: BryanMinear x Landscape / FUJIFILM

(words buzzing) (footsteps) (camera shutter) – I think photography from me
is more about lifestyle really whether I’m shooting my little boy, or I’m on an epic trip to California I always have a camera with me and its become more than just a job. When it comes to legacy and photography those old masters like Ansel Adams for me, are the pinnacle and its something that I’m constantly trying to
strive for in my work. My name is Bryan Minear and
I’m a landscape photographer. When I first started
shooting it was really more in the editorial and portrait space, and I was always drawn
to landscape photography and so around 2014, 2015 I was really creatively burnt out and just
decided to kinda cut ties to everything that I’d been
doing up until that point get a full-time job as a graphic designer, and then just start shooting landscapes. (camera shutter) Our plan for this trip was work our way up to the Eastern Sierras, we’re going to start here at Alabama Hills work our way up to Mammoth Lakes, Convict Lake and then finally 395 House to Mono Lake. (camera shutter) For my primary body for
this trip, I used the X-T30. In a lot of ways, the X-T30 is really like a perfect little travel companion. It doesn’t take up any room at all. (camera shutter) Mobius Arch is one of the hotspots here it’s something that I’ve
wanted to see for a long time you can get a really cool
shot through the arch at Mount Whitney in the background. The road leading in to June Lake is just this beautiful rolling highway that leads back to these,
this epic mountain scape. So then driving the rest
of the way in to June Lake was kinda cool because
the majority of the lake was iced over, there was one little spot where the ice had kinda
melted and dipped down and there was some water over top so you could get a nice reflection shot which I’ve always wanted to do there. So one of my favorite things to shoot no matter where I am is just pine grows. Just have all these interesting textures and colors, and it’s something that I love to do no matter
where I am in the world. (camera shutter) The 395 House is about half way between June Lake and Mono Lake, and it’s right off the highway, it’s
just something that’s falling apart, that’s still not as old as these giant mountains
in the background. It’s just this really cool contrast. Mono Lake is this really
interesting place. It’s a huge lake just east of Yosemite and it has these Calcium Carbonate spires. The sky just lit up this
beautiful pastel pink it was really something to behold. I got really excited when I realized that this is the astro-spot that I had wanted this entire time, getting
this at the very end of the trip was the perfect
end to and entire series There’s no doubt in my mind that the X-T30 is going to extend Fujifilm’s
longstanding legacy. We we’re in some really cold situations I put it in some really awkward situations and it always got the shot. Inspiring anybody to
get out and experience new things, that’s just something that you know, I’m constantly
trying to promote. You just need to see what
you can, while you can. (soft piano music)

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