Xiaomi Mi A3 unboxing and hands-on review | camera samples and more

When Android one was announced the
project was synonymous with entry-level phones that was actually changed when
the Xiaomi mi A1 came out a phone that was loud by a lot of people and had
a lot of cool features including a very very good camera
then came the me a2 with of course very big shoes to fill
now Xiaomi is finally out with the third edition of the me a series the me a3 and
they seem to be saying that we have addressed your issues well let’s see how
much of that is true so either Sri Arif from mr. phone and let’s jump into the
video without any further ado but of course as you know always there
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so that you get notified whenever we put out new video now the first thing was
that why the me a2 was pretty solid when it came to its build it wasn’t
necessarily trendy for 2018 that has been clearly taken into account because
for the first time in the a series xiaomi moves for a glass and plastic
body the back is Gorilla Glass 5 with a sweet pattern on are not just blue unit
yes you guessed it right Xiaomi not only worked on the phone’s hardware and the
optimization with Google but they also worked with Google for the names because
the three colors on the me3 are a kind of grey not just blue and more than
white and what I can tell you is that that white variant is truly more than
white the other big complaint on the meter was the exclusion of the 3.5 mm
headphone jack and the me a3 brings that back to so you get the analog 3.5 mm
jack along with the type C port and according to Xiaomi that Jack is backed
by an amp which should provide great audio like we heard from the me a 1 now
my favorite is the white variant but let me know what yours is now moving to the
display the me a3 has gone from a standard 18 by 9 aspect ratio display to
a u-shape notched display with a trendy 19.5 is so 9 aspect ratio its trendy of
course but there’s one thing everyone is talking about and that is that this
display is only HD plus resolution that is 720p plus now of course coming from
the me a1 and the mini 2 both of which had 1080p in this place this might seem
like a big thing and of course we let you know once we review the phone and
use it but from what I can see although this is a 7
display the fact that this is a Super AMOLED display does soften the blow by a
lot like having a Super AMOLED display instead of an LCD display even if it’s
slightly lower resolution is something that I wouldn’t mind let’s see how the
display on this one is but in practice but in theory having a lower resolution
display but a higher display quality is something that I would prefer let me
know what you’d prefer also the display is covered in Gorilla Glass 5 as well so
the front and back glass are both Gorilla Glass 5 the Risley also hosts
another thing that makes it trendy and relevant for 2019 and that is the in
display fingerprint scanner now the scan is quite easy to set up and
it’s fast as of now but let’s see how it is one suite of the full review for it
now from display let’s move to the internals and the me a3 gets a processor
upgrade to a 665 now the 665 isn’t a big upgrade from the 660 reach even the
naming suggests of course but there are some interesting changes like the shift
from a 40 nanometer process on the 660 to 11 nanometer process on the 665 which
increases power efficiency there’s also a better GPU with the Adreno 6 1 0 a
better hexagon 686 DSP which will help with better camera quality and support
for the 48 megapixel sensor is also there it’s not a big speed upgrade or
not a big power upgrade but what you’ll get is better battery life because of
the better efficiency on the processor better graphics performance and also a
better camera experience with the 686 DSP since we’re coming to cameras and
this is me a3 let’s talk three because the me a3 has triple cameras at the back
is includes the Sony IMX 5 8 6 sensor with 48 megapixels yes that popular
sensor that everyone’s talking about today along with it you have an 8
megapixel ultra wide camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensor so no portrait
lens no telephoto lens this time the front camera also gets an upgrade to 32
megapixels which is powered by the Samsung GD 1 sensor the camera housing
at the back is actually covered with Gorilla Glass 5 so basically the back is
Gorilla Glass 5 the front of Gorilla Glass 5 what that means is that the
front camera is also very low glass and the back camera Eliza the camera
housing is also good Legolas fight so you have some protection here or at
least some branding for protection now of course camera review and thoughts
will come in full review and the camera comparisons that come later but till
then here are the few pictures that we showed using the me a three and you tell
me what do you think of the camera quality finally we come to the battery
which was of course the biggest complaint on the made well the battery
has been bumped to four thousand thirty mah which is great news and you also get
a 10 watt charger in the box with support for up to 18 watts fast charging
I do feel that Xiaomi could have put at least a 15 watt charger in the box if
not an 18 watt charger all that being said I think that lower resolution
display the AMOLED thick of it the power efficient chipset should all contribute
to a very long lasting battery life it’s just something that I feel after looking
at the phone but of course I’ll tell you the exact results in the review which is
coming very soon so stay subscribed and get your eyes glued to the mister phone
channel because the review is dropping very very soon with that we come to an
end of this first impressions of the Xiaomi me a3 let me know what do you
thought of this phone in the comment section below
also as I’ve said a few times in this video this video was actually short a
few days before the phone launched so by now I have almost done my review and my
review will be going up tomorrow on this channel so stay glued to the mister
phone channel as I said because the review is dropping and you don’t want to
miss that and with that I leave you to it thank you so much for watching
this is fury from mister phone and I’ll get some the next one

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