Zelda: Wind Waker HD vs. GCN – Graphics Head-to-Head Comparison Video

As the title suggests, The Legend of Zelda:
The Wind Waker HD is a high-definition remake of the 2002 gamecube original But that title actually sells the game a bit
short as the graphics have undergone far more than just a mere upgrade to 1080p . On top of the higher resolution and widescreen
display, there have been a number of other improvements, such as a farther draw-distance,
enhanced textures, and dramatically improved lighting But how much of a difference does this really
make? Well, we decided to pit the two versions head-to-head to find out. Now we’re going to start off with a split-screen
comparison to provide a better and closer look at the visuals that will really help
bring out the details of each one After that we’ll play the footage again, but
this time with a full-screen view of each one so you can see the entire picture, plus
how things like the aspect ratio have changed, And in boith cases, the HD Wii U version will
be on the left while the original GameCube one will be on the right. And with that, let’s get started Yeah so the sunset’s pretty beautiful no matter
which version you play, but you have to admit, it’s especially gorgous in the HD version. Alright, now let’s take one more look atr
all that footage using the full-screen view of each one. And that wraps up our video comparison of
both versions of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Thanks for watching and if you Liked this
video, make sure to Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter @GameXplain–there are
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for more video comparisons and all things The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

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  • GC: 2000 – 2003
    Wii U: 2000 – 2013
    So that means…

  • I prefer the original's color palette than the new one's.

  • Wii U is clearly better, people are just saying that GC is better because they like to stay in the original. It's like an effect or something. I've played GC ver before Wii U, at first I don't think that it's worth it but as time passed on, I just realize how stupid I was. Although, it's not THAT worth it, but I recommend the Wii U version

  • The depth of the color seems richer on the GC version. Bluer skies, greener greens etc…

  • i read some fact on internet the bugs are not fixed they just scale this up to hd and sold to people lol

  • Honestly speaking the original game is a much more beautiful looking game than the HD version. Sure the HD version is in 1080p and has the awesome new shadow effects and the textures are all crisp and look great (Except the vines behind the bomb house what the heck happened to those?) but the lighting is cranked up way too high and the light bloom is blinding to the eyes and doesn't give off the animated cartoon look that the original had anymore. The gradients on the character models that make them look like clay figurines instead of blended together animated people from a cartoon are flat out ugly looking and the brighter color palette doesn't suit the game's simplistic art style.

    They should have just increased the resolution and anti aliasing and added the new shadow effects without actually changing the lighting or the colors of the game. That way the characters would look like a cartoon rather than a plastic toy of a cartoon. In this version they look like they've lost a layer of their skin and are pretty uncanny looking because of it.

  • Is there a change in the models or no. of polygons?

  • i like the colors on the gamcube version better than the wii u version ( i have both) but the wii u version is hd and faster

  • I'm not saying that I dislike the HD version, but I still prefer the newer graphics. They just look more drawn to me. Especially the models look more 3-dimensional in the HD version. Also colors look more appealing in GC version. But I'm happy with both versions.

  • ZTP HD: remove bloom
    ZWW HD: add bloom

  • This game is absolutely beautiful no matter what version of it you play

  • wii u could do so well yet the shitty management of nintendo just smother the console.

  • gamecube version looks more cartoony and more vivid colors more apealing that hd version

  • and it might be just me but it felt like link runs just a little bit faster in the new one. which is a good thing… sometimes. I'm having the darndest time with the wii U gamepad and when I push A to talk to someone or pick up an item, I usually end up rolling and falling off the edge. too often.

  • Gamecube version.


  • The HD upgrade here isnt very good, especially on cell shaded graphics games like WW. I'm really glad I didnt get this for the Wii U just because of the HD aspect now.

    Now the HD in SM3DW for Wii U.. absolutely gorgeous… would play that all day every day if I could!!

  • the original is more accurate to cell shading : more contrast and a little blur that push the effect of child style.
    ok graphics are less good on gamecube but it more match with the spirit of the game

  • this was my first video game I ever played, the music still makes me cry

  • Was lured into buying the HD version : totally did'nt like it. The graphics upgrade alone is not enough to replay through all the game, listening to all the boring character speaches over again. Also, the HD upgrade is most of the time worst than the Gamecube one. All is in the art, not in the HD.

  • There is a lot to say… Ill keep it short, I love how beautiful the game looks now… I have played through this game at least three times on the game cube. The Hd version is a breath of… fresh air. The controls are taking me a minute to get to though. Other then that, it is awesome upgrade.

  • I want to rub my 🐓 all over it 😮

  • It's obviously sharper but the HD remake also seems more muted with many colours.

  • I personally prefer the art style of the original more, the color palette and cel shading and everything

  • I think a lot of people are just wording their opinions incorrectly, starting a lot of unnecessary arguing. They mean to say that the NGC version has more of a "Charm" to it, which I can somewhat see, but in my opinion that same charm is still in the HD remaster and everything from the lighting to textures looks a lot crisper.

  • A lot of love was put into this remaster

  • How would you describe the differences between the two?

  • The HD version looks, without a doubt, better, but Wind Waker is one game that didn't really need a HD version since the original looks gorgeous. Since the prices of GC games are pretty high, this is a great alternative.

  • Kinda misshowing the game cube version, why are there sudden fps drops and screen flickers, that did not happen normally.

    Still nice comparison <4

  • Why are people so triggered by people saying the GC version looks better? Personally I think the lighting in the GC version is superior and I'm not sure if the graphical upgrades are worth it. Also, and this is super nit-picky I know, but I don't like how HD Link's hat is placed. It feels awkward. There's my two cents. If anyone still cares to watch this video 3 years on I'll probably be hounded.

  • You see HD looks better but still the GameCube's graphics look amazing for 2002

  • There is only one thing I hate about the Wii U version. The famous treasure chest sound. It's so freaking loud.

  • Damn, I really want a Wii U for this and Twilight Princess. I have the original for GC but am playing on my Wii in 480p, it still doesn't look all that bad.

  • Exactly the same graphics but running at higher resolution and changed the lighting a bit. They have not remade anything from scratch. Great game though

  • Do a race with wind waker

  • Nope I thought this was a different youtube

  • Well the hd might look better but i just ordered my gamecube so. Overall its still the same experience and you will have fun playing both.

  • I prefer the GCN version just because the Gamecube Controller is so much better than the Wii U controllers.

  • you can say the HD version is….CLEARLY better.

  • Can't we just appreciate both? At the end of the day, they are both the same game that Nintendo put a lot of care into.

  • GameCube > Wii u

    fight me

  • Who else misses the tingle tuner 😢

  • The HD version looks really good, but I'm still ok with playing the original with its vibrant colors, sure it might be more pixilated but I still love it :D.

  • They're both fun in my opinion

  • There is no denying this, the GameCube was definitely brighter in colors

  • I know people are gonna accuse me of nostalgia blindness, but I love the cartoonier feel of GC

  • eh I'd still say that WW doesn't need a HD remake TP did thoug, and ocarina DEFINETLY does.

  • I'll buy any remake of any zelda for the switch any day

  • The HD version is definitely more pretty to look at but I prefer the old lighting. GTAV on PS4 is also way better graphically but I find it to be super dark in places that the PS3 version (due to less realistic lighting) isn't.

  • Is this video being narrated by a South Park character?

  • my god if the gc wasen't still incredible to this day the wii u nailed it

  • We need HD for Switch

  • Please port to switch.

  • Hd version is 10000x better

  • Hoping this comes to the Switch

  • The only thing you can't do on HD is speedrun cause it's patched up like a muthafukka, but Wind Waker is the only Zelda game I can't do many glitches on, so I'm fine with playing it properly and I enjoy the artstyle and humor of it. I have the original GC version and HD copy. It's definitely the most stylish Zelda game I have ever seen and played. Twilighy Princess has a nice style, but only place to see a majority of it is in the Twilight Realm, everywhere else is pretty dull. Skyward Sword is also [email protected]$$ and fun. Unreal Engine Ocarina of Time videos are super fantastic, but too bad they can't count. Wind Waker HD could've had more hop, while sailing like the GC version does, though, but I love the update.

  • I never played the GC version, but the Wii U version was my best Wii U experience.

  • The Wii U version amazeballs, too bad they forced a pro controller on you and the GameCube controller adapter didn’t work with the game. If I could play the hd remake with the GameCube controller then I’d pick that. But nah

  • I want this on switch

  • Damn! I thought the original game looked amazing. At least for 2002 on console! Same for Super Mario Sunshine at the time. In fact, to this day, I cant understand why people hated either of those games, as they're some of the most common ones I hear people disliked on GameCube…

  • Funnily enough the GameCube version looks more cartoony than the HD remake. The HD remake is still better though

  • I prefer the original look. On the GC it was the closest thing to an interactive old school 2D anime, but with the HD version everything seems made out of plastic. Is not bad, but less unique.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the GC version better? The original looks more like a cartoon while the remake makes Link look more like this action figure

  • Wii U version looks like shit.

  • i’ve only played the gcn version, but this wii u version is so much prettier. the gcn version is still OK though, i mean it looked incredible on my TV and is still super playable to this day. wind waker will always hold up to the changing standards.

  • I will admit that the HD version does look better but i kinda wish they kept the really saturated colors. Kinda adds to the whole style in my opinion.

  • I prefer the GameCube colors still. Those who disagree with me have the right to do so, just like I have the right to disagree with them.

  • Best game ever, no matter which version you play. To me, the GameCube version looks better though. Everything feels like it's part of a cartoon came to life while the Wii U version look like the toys made out of the characters of said cartoon. I prefer the music in the GameCube version as well. Some Wii U songs are missing an instrument or two, which is weird. The GC version also has the Tingle Tuner so a second player can help you with a GBA plugged in, which can be used to attack ennemies or find hidden items you cannot find otherwise. This will always work, unlike the Tingle Bottle of the Wii U version that was using Miiverse, which is down. The Wii U version is simply more casual, with a shortened Triforce quest and the fast sail. I recommend it only if you want to go trhough the game quickly. For full immersion though, I recommend the GameCube version.

  • I am born 05 and has no Zelda nostalgia. I still prefer the GC version over Wii U in the same way I like the OoT to N64 more than the 3DS remake. Visuals just don't really make a difference. It's mainly the controller.

  • No matter what I still appreciate the gamecube version for what it was. I just like the original better because that's how the game first came out, changing the graphics is great and all..it just doesn't feel the same to me idk why

  • I just asked my man to come in and say which looks better (without telling him which is which of course) and he said the one on the right. It looks more colorful. Weird. I thought HD would be less washed out. Now I see why Breath of the Wild looks so bland. It has it's pluses obviously but what good is wide screen etc if it's dull looking?

  • They recreated wind waker in a new engine and therefore changed the art style quite a bit. I'm not a fan of the excessive bloom and lack of cel shading. Twilight Princess HD seems to retain the original feel of the game way better because they only updated the resolution and textures. I think Twilight Princess is a much better remaster IMO, and I would've loved if they did the same with windwaker.

  • Needs Switch port. This game is literally the only thing keeping my Wii U around now.

  • OK now give Mario Sunshine a new coat of paint and maybe a sequel ….pleeeeease! Sunshine on the Switch would be like PB&J

  • link's running animation is ten times cuter

  • The colors and music.. Damn what a game.

  • The GameCube version's colors were entirely too saturated.

  • Yes, the HD looks. But the bright colors of the GameCube just look so much better. The HD just looks dead. It's Toon Link, he need to be colorful. But that's just me. I'm still getting my copy of HD and a Wii U tomorrow.

  • shit i always get teary eyed at the windwaker theme!

  • really hope they bring it to the switch considering the wii U was a flop

  • I wonder what Wind Waker HD would be called if it were brought to the switch……

    Wind Waker HD in HD

  • why does the GC video have scanlines ?

  • Say what you will. I like the original better and the HD remake looks like the bloom has been turned up significantly and everything is hazy. I returned to the beginning of this video to confirm which side is the HD one and which is the original. I haven’t even played these games so I’m not biased. Just my opinion

  • The fact that the differences boil down to a lot of subtle things really speaks to Nintendo's art direction, programming, and development prowess as well as the underrated power of that little cube. How Wind Waker isn't the definitive Zelda game over OOT is beyond me.

  • WiiU version :
    – Upscale resolution
    – HD textures
    – Bloom
    – 16/9 upscaling

  • Overall the HD remaster looks better, but it also looks a bit washed out, with muted colors and, at times, flat lighting.

  • I feel like i’m a minority in my opinion that the GC version is better then the remake. The reason I say this, is because yes, the HD one is more refined and had a softer colour pallet, but I feel like that’s ruined by the heavy blur that covers what would be lovely graphics. It’s certainly too fuzzy for me to comfortably enjoy. It hurts my eyes to look at the screen. Now so what if the GC version had more intense colours, and characters were a little shaky at times? At least the visuals were crisp. People would probably say that i’m “blinded by nostalgia”, which to me, is a cop out. I played the original Majora’s Mask after all, but I didn’t get squeamish after seeing the trailer for the 3DS remake. If anything, I was over the moon! (h e h). Honestly, people can say what they like, but I will always favour the GC version of Wind Waker over the HD remake.

  • I VASTLY prefer the more traditional looking colors in the original, it actually has that old anime aesthetic it was aiming for. The HD one would actually compare if it wasn't drowning in bloom.

  • Gamecube 🙂

  • Am i the only one that finds the GC version prettier tho

  • IT doesn't matter what version you're playing, there is only one word to describe this game: BEAUTIFUL.

  • Some players are only care for HD is graphics and shortcut press. There tired of keep doing the wind song

  • The GameCube version is superior in every way. The game has better controls inventory and map management and less frustrating Triforce Quest! A+

  • I dunno …somtimes its best to just go with the original color palette, it looks nice but I liked the rich color of the GC version. That said p!aging the HD is SO much better, its the system tweaks that really make the game a better experience. I still want GC games to come out on the Switch ….I plan on buying the Lite this year so come on Big N.

  • Even with the remaster the original will still be the best way to play

  • I got the original

  • I wished twilight princess hd have shadow mapping like Wind Waker Hd, sadly poor port tp hd..

  • Gamecube was just sick

  • This game is a goddamn treasure. Graphics are nice but fuck, I’d play it blindfolded.

  • I'm 25 hours into my playthrough of the original GC version and now I don't know whether to keep playing it and then just play it again when I get the HD version, or if I should stop and start over on the HD version

  • parece que a mascarón rojo hd le pusieron estabilizador

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